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Pleasant Hill, OR
Don't want to burst your bubble about bubblews, but don't be too confident they're going to pay you. Actually making money there is like playing Russian Roulette. Many bubblers are getting lost in the shuffle and not getting paid, so here's a review for their sakes and mine.
I started writing on bubblews about a month ago, and amassed about 41 posts. As of now, I still have an account there, but I received an email telling me I won't be paid because I broke one of their easy to follow 8 violations. The total amount lost for me is $20, which I've made.
First off the good: bubblews is a fun site full of youthful, positive people from around the world. It's easy to sign up and get started, and the post only have to be 400 characters long. The format is easy to use and interact with others, and you get paid for every view, comment, and like your post gets for as long as they're up.
Now the bad, you may not get paid for any of your efforts. Let me say, I think most people get paid most of the time, but there are still a large amount of people who don't. I'm estimating this non-paid faction of bubblers to be around 5%. Now, that means thousands aren't being paid, even 20,000 a month if there is 400,000 users. Bubblews has become very popular quickly over the last year, and is experience growing pains. If they survive this phase, they may be able to salvage the users and momentum they have left, but if they don't stop the funnel of un-paid bubblers, they'll fizzle out and be no more. I hope they can figure it out, and continue with or without me.
The deal is, their 8 simple rules are very vague and can be misleading. I never broke any of these rules, but I did start talking about other bubblers not getting paid. After one of my bubbler friends was trampled under the machine, I spoke out asking what happened to him. I found him and saw his sad last post telling about how he was never paid, and lost $40. He was a good bubbler, popular and wrote good posts. So what happened to him? I asked this and started searching for other bubblers whose posts were vacant, with their last telling posts explaining the same tale of woe.
The only reason I can come up with for my email, stating I won't be paid and my account can be terminated if they see fit, is because I was telling the others what they want to stay on the down low. If they spent as much time tracking me down for bogus violations, they might as well track down bubblers they never paid and make it right.
So, this is my review on bubblews. If your on there and haven't been paid yet, I hope it works for you. You might as well try and see if you'll get paid, but don't be surprised if you don't. Think about all the bubblers not getting paid going around writing posts like this. That's not a good sign for bubblews, but it's their own faults for having a inept approach to their site. They have now raised the redemption payout threshold to $50 from the before $25, so it'll take longer for people to see if it works.
Comparing it to other sites like ChatAbout or Postloop, which pay after you make $5, I wonder why is it so difficult for these people to pay? It just may be a very large scam, with some jackals behind the curtain, making thousands off of other people's non-payment. They made $20 from me alone.
UPDATE - 9 months ago
Here is deeper insight into Bubblews:
9 months ago: They don't sound like a good site to post on.
People are contributing their time and effort, and the site isn't paying them which is a scam. How do they make money?

Pleasant Hill, OR
9 months ago: I think they make money through adverts? Not sure how else, they have a high traffic rating and are often found quickly after a google search.

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