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Urban Dictionary: Name Definitions Game

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Chris D
Seattle, WA
What is the meaning of your name? Urban Dictionary will tell you what other people think about you… or so they say.

Facebook’s been leading various odd Internet trends in the last month: first was the bra color update game, when women posted the color of their bra to spread breast cancer awareness, then came “Doppelganger Week,” where people changed their profile pictures to celebrities that they marginally resembled. Don’t get me wrong, but the average Jill or Joe doesn’t look like Adriana Lima or Christian Bale.

I couldn’t participate in doppelganger week on Facebook, since there are ZERO legitimate male celebrity redheads. (It’s a conspiracy, like the fluoride in my tap water.) But I can play the Urban Dictionary name definitions game.

The page for Urban Dictionary on Facebook started the trend, by asking people to look up their “name meaning” at All you have to do is type in your name and copy the first/second entry onto your Facebook status.

Here’s the thing, though. Since Urban Dictionary is an open site, and anyone can type whatever they want, half of the name definitions are slurs, hate speech, or worse. Seriously, it seems like all the Urban Dictionary name definitions follow a formula: compliment, insult, or joke.

For example, my first Urban Dictionary name meaning is “A kid who is always up to party and have a good time.” But my second is, of course, slang for genitalia. Hilarious.

What does UrbanDictionary list as your name’s meaning?

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The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
57 months ago: My sons name means

Crowned, gift from God, defender of mankind.

Try beating that one.
57 months ago: Well there is no listing for THE RONBOT HUNTER.

But a Ronbot is a brain-washed fanatic of the Cult of Greed and Sin.

I am their worst enemy. Their worst nightmare.

I go around exposing the Cult's evil deeds, their scams and frauds.

Sorry, but the creator gave me this name, to save people from the evil group that tears families apart.

Someday you will know my other name.

But not until I give Scientology as much trouble as I can.

The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
57 months ago: Good one Chris. But you didn't post the link to your sir name

Sir names come first. Your Durr, Chris.

Urban meaning,

durr: A word used to mock a lame insult, joke, or action. Most often used in sarcastic phrases. The word can be given more emphasis by stretching out the word (i.e. duuuurrrr).

chris: is a slang for huge ****
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
57 months ago: Try
Hunter, ron bot
57 months ago: If you separate Ronbot, it is not my true name. Neither am I a fan of Ron Paul.

Yes the word "Hunter" fits. That is what I do and that is why the Cult of Greed and Sin would like to know my true name.

For now know that I will keep Hunting all RONBOTS, who try to scam innocent people.

That is what I do and that is who I am.

57 months ago: Oh the dichotomy.....
Apparently I am either a "fat, egotistical, b**** or
stunningly gorgeous, down to earth, beautiful inside and out.

I can't identify with either one. I can however identify with the strong personality that naturally comes with having either set of traits.

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