UFOs in the Bible, Can it be?

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Littleton, CO
I was looking for some good background chatter on TV as I work, and I came across a History Channel special entitled "UFOs in the Bible." It is one of the UFO Files series episodes, and the description from the website reads:

"Journey back through time into the mysterious history of UFOs as revealed through ancient biblical texts. Through intensive reinterpretation of early religious documents, researchers believe that they have found evidence of ancient UFO activity. From Elijah's flying "chariots of fire" and Ezekiel's "wheels within wheels in the sky" to the enigmatic aerial phenomenon that lead Moses during the Exodus, we apply a modern perspective to the writings of the Bible in the context of UFOs."

I am not attributing any truth to this, I merely came across it and thought it was interesting and out there. The Bible is fascinating and out there already, even for one who struggles to believe it. To bring in an alien angle makes me laugh, I think I will rewatch the history channel episode, this time on the forefront and not the background.

In the meantime, I will just share some of the things I overheard, though not in great detail. There seems to be a lot of precedence given to flying objects of the Old Testament, and even some instances in the New Testament.

My favorite that I overheard involved Moses and the Israelites exodus, and his time atop the mount inside a spaceship. I wish I had heard more about this version in some of my Bible studies and classes, this would have made for some great debate and conversation. I really don't have much more to share beyond this, I just thought it was interesting, and that it could be interesting to see what response this could bring out. The 1st link should let you watch the episode, though I haven't viewed it first to be sure.
Littleton, CO
67 months ago: I forgot to mention how this episode brought me back to my first memory of someone trying to convince me of aliens in the Bible. That came my freshman year when my firend Nick Floyd (if you're out there, here's your shout out) tried to convince me that Jesus talking about his "sheep from another flock" was actually referring to aliens. That was a funny conversation I remember all too clearly!
Philadelphia, PA
67 months ago: Sounds awesome!
Coloranter Raver
Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
67 months ago: Well remember that Christians believe we are it. Therefore any revelations of flying saucers would be taboo. So, no wonder you didn't hear about these in Bible study.

One of the more fascinating things that most Americans who nothing about Islam and the Qur'an don't know is that the Qur'an has parts that predict things from the future. In other words, people read things 500 years ago, and didn't understand them. Now, when they are read, it's clear the Qur'an is talking about airplanes. Likewise, there are still passages of unknown meaning that might well predict the future. If there is any truth to the Biblical scripture despite its rewrites over time, it should then not be surprising that the Christian scripture could reveal similar things as the Qur'an, if only they might be read by people who don't actively work to suppress information.
Guy Malone
Guy Malone
Roswell, NM
67 months ago: I was one of the people interviewed for that program, and the producer (Gabe V) was very insistent on this angle, to the point of "clipping" my words (and another interviewee) to make it seem like we agreed with his premise, while actually we were flown there in order to rebut it and show the premise's weaknesses. We also wrote WG and HC with our objections, and turns out Gabe no longer works there. My answers and rebuttals are detailed here

As to the question of what the Bible may or may not say on this topic, see the upcoming conference here in Roswell - "Christian Symposium on Aliens" -

Guy Malone
Roswell NM
Berkeley, CA
67 months ago: I am responding to a previous posting by Guy Malone. The script for the History Channel documentary UFOs and the Bible was sent to me by the production company for comment. As I have stated many times publicly, the arguments and reasoning Guy Malone and the other "evil alien" proponents use to "prove" their point is flawed, weak, and lacking any logic. I simply pointed out those flaws and weaknesses, which prompted producers to retain me as an advisor to the project. If Mr. Malone had been able to convince the producers otherwise, they would have taken a different approach to the content. Instead, they chose to follow the well-documented, very strong, and logical concepts found in the book pictured at the beginning of this string, "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" and the website "The Bible UFO Connection": It would seem that Mr. Malone has an unlimited supply of sour grapes. I am Patrick Cooke, the author of the book and website.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
67 months ago: Colo... I'm surprised. Maybe you need to revisit.
Feeling small? This will help.

Contrary, to what you think. We respect all life.
But, we also will stand firm on the LAW of you know who.

And to add. Even devote Muslims accept Christ in their teachings. They just call him a prophet.

67 months ago: Clearly this world has been and is being visited by being from other worlds. Beings that probably face reality. Those being must think we are a bunch of tribal, out of control, bunch of... Seems only the few in this world look to truth and embrace it. I guess we wait for the day the average person doesn't live in fiction and fantasy. Does not come to conclusions that do not make any sense, like Mr Malone. Before we can embrace truths, move forward in our understanding of life, expand our minds and most likely our spiritual reality. I wonder if that day will come before we end our existence in ignorance. I welcome information that is being kept from us to further my own understanding. If only there was a way to open up minds like this fellow above me. I just grow more tired by the day surrounded by people who live in fantasy its very disheartening we have to stay ignorant and dangerous. So there are those of us we wait... God can you please turn the light on.
64 months ago: YouTube - U.F.O. hidding behind CLOUDS? Amazing footages!
Chinese Dragon
1. Chinese Dragon can fly among the clouds or hide in water.
Psalm 104:3
Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind:
2. Chinese Dragon can form clouds, Dragon chasing the flameing pearl in the sky. Moving(Craft)forming clouds behind it.
Job 36:29
Also can any understand the spreading of the clouds, or the noise of his tabernacle? (craft)
Job 36:32
Job 41:20
Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. (Craft)
3. Chinese Dragon Gods live in the seas. And made rivers with it’s tail.
Isaiah 35:7
Ezekiel 29:3
Isaiah 27:1
4. Chinese dragons can also be depicted as descending from the sky or inside clouds.
11 He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.
5. There are four major Dragon Kings, representing each of the four seas: By strength.
Pslam 74:13
Thou didst divide the sea by thy strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters. (Breakest, To Cover or Hide)
6.Kung Kung - Chinese serpent god with seven or nine heads, god of wisdom or (Knowledge.)
Revelation 12:3
And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Daniel 7 (King James Version) The translation.
The dragon was a cloud formation comming from the craft, same as in job! 36:29.
The Dragon looked like it was chasing the pearl.
This link will take you to some cloud picture, Find the Dragon chasing the pearl!
Search Dragon chasing the pearl, and Bible Gate way, and search the words clouds and Dragon in the bible!

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