Transgendered Inmate sues for reconstruction surgery:NOPE

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I am a big supporter for the transgender lifestyle but I think when it comes to inmates and the government paying the bill I have to draw the line. With the inmate in California, who is already getting hormone treatments on the governmental dime now suing for reconstructive surgery to alleviate her emotional distress?

I need to mention that this person is serving 50 years to life for killing a woman with a shotgun. She claims that the hormone treatment is not aiding in dealing with her emotional distress. She has the backing of a psychotherapist but then again with experience with mental health workers aid in helping the patient feel whole and healthy by design. That being said the workers often disregard with who is footing the bill to aid in this feeling of healthy being.

In the midst of a governmental crisis in both California and nationally leaves, me feeling that if the appeals court approves this case the door is open and Pandora's Box will not be closed again. Any inmates that are in her predicament will then request the same thing thus causing a further bankruptcy all on the taxpayer's dime. If these inmates and their families wish to fulfill this persons request and pay for the surgery then by all means otherwise I would have to respectfully decline her request.

This inmate is in serving at a minimum 50 years for murder of all things a woman with a shotgun. The incarceration is supposed to both punishment and the possibility for rehabilitation. However, if we as taxpaying, law abiding citizens cannot get the government to care for us without cutting programs designed to help why should an inmate get better medical care?

42 months ago: I am not a supporter for the transgender lifestyle... nor the millions spent on indoctrination of a "politically correct" culture... and this is the very thing that shows the inevitable stupidity that comes from the insanity of moral anarchy.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
42 months ago: Sorry to ask, but the liberals that want to scream how conservatives don't look at their bogus scientific facts want to know.

Does this person have XX or XY chromosomes?
42 months ago: If a person wants to pay their own way and live their life I don't care if they dress like Abraham Lincoln. But if they are in prison they shouldn't be provided with better health care or specialized treatment that our Veterans are not getting period.

They refuse many types of treatments for Veterans who served Honorably for our country but provide treatments to murderers who are in prison as punishment.
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