They may be Jihadists, but they are our Jihadists

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President Obama said that it was a 20th century mindset that said, "Well, you know, he may be a dictator, but he's our dictator." During events of the last year or so, Obama administration started supporting one Jihadist movement that is not shy of using terrorist tactics.

So… If they are our Jihadists, does that make terrorist attacks acceptable?

One suicide bomber in Damascus, capital of Syria, killed at least 25 people, wounding more than 45. While the main target of the suicide bomber was a police bus, most of the victims were innocent civilians. Previous suicide bomber attack targeted the state security building in Damascus. Again, most of the 44 killed and 166 wounded, were civilians.

For some strange reason, US media blamed Syrian government for the earlier attack although there was no supporting evidence, other than the claim of Muslim Brotherhood that they didn't do it. Well… Neither did Bart Simpson.

The administration will probably have to say that Muslim Brotherhood was not behind the latest attack too. Oh yes, the Syrian government obviously decided to kill all the people who support them.

The administration is forced to turn a blind eye towards the terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Syrian opposition since the Obama administration reversed decades of hostility to an organization once viewed as irreconcilably opposed to United States interests. In return for US support, Brotherhood repeated assurances that its lawmakers want to build a modern democracy in the Middle East.

The only possible reason for support of Muslim Brotherhood is that the difference between them and Al Qaeda is that Al Qaeda had world as a target while Muslim Brotherhood says that their Jihad should target only Middle East and Arab countries.

Al-Qaeda projects a global agenda, where every Muslim land "from Granada to Kashgar," as Ayman al-Zawahiri put it - needs to be "liberated" from non-Islamic rule. The Muslim Brotherhood, embraced a more limited concept of Jihad combined with missionary activity and organized political struggle. The movement has fervently supported armed struggle against non-Islamic forces in places like Iraq. The Brotherhood-offshoot Hamas is the first Palestinian militia to consistently limit its activities to the territory of pre-1948 Palestine.

It seems that the current administration decided that the limited scope Jihad is better than looking over your shoulder worldwide. Actually, looking at the events of Arab spring and US support of the movement, it is no wonder that Muslim Brotherhood took important roles in Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt in less than a year.

As for assurances of modern democracy - The Muslim Brotherhood party's deputy leader Dr. Rashad Bayoumi said that "whatever the circumstances, we do not recognize Israel at all. It's an occupying criminal enemy."

Is 21th century mindset that "They may be Jihadists, but they are our Jihadists." Who knows, our Jihadists might be better then Al Qaeda. However, supporting people that send suicide bombers to Israeli restaurants might be going a little too far.
34 months ago: I hate not being able to edit that 21th to 21st...
34 months ago: Don't worry we just thought you had a lisp... but great post. What do you think? It would seem that there is a "separation of Church and State" in the US, however it also would seem that there isn't such a thing abroad... as Gov money goes to establish the religion of the Muslim Brotherhood??

Interesting how hypocritical Obama can be with the establishment of the Muslim religion of those Jihadists, as long as they do his dirty work. I guess if Christians were as bloodthirsty and as militantly suicidal... we would have loads of public money supporting Christianity too....
33 months ago: I don't think that we could ever justify all the lies told. I don't think that we could tell children that when they blow themselves up and kill innocent people, dosens of virgins will await them in the paradise.

Regarding the support of MB, I think that somebody had a thought that "regional jihad" is cool, as long as they leave US alone. Well... What will happen once Muslim Brotherhood controls entire Middle East?

Basically, administration thinks that solving one immediate problem by creating a bigger problem for the future is a great idea.
33 months ago: Like the US formeer use of Al Qaeda... once they are done with them, like all good organized crime, they dispose of the evidence and "baggage!"
Eugene, OR
33 months ago: I think it is despicable that you take a 5 second clip with no context and assign it the opposite meaning. Obama was talking about Bush's attitude toward Musharaff and explained why he no longer supported him.

You guys seem to think that America and Obama are determining everything that happens in Egypt and rest of North Africa. It is the people in Egypt that voted the Muslim Brotherhood in.

You probably noticed that most of the folk there are Muslims. Here is a news flash - THEY ARE NOT ALL TERRORISTS!

The Muslim Brotherhood (Freedom and Justice Party) are the moderates there. The real terrorist radicals are the Salafist al-Nour Party.

The Salafis consider the Muslim brotherhood enemies because they are excessively moderate and do not believe in the literal translations of sacred texts. The Salafis even consider the Saudi Wahabbists (who are responsible for most of the Madrassas that teach hatred of America and the West as too moderate.

The moderates won 40% and the jihadists received 20% of the vote. We are tentatively supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as long as they remain dedicated to peace, democracy, human rights and withholding the treaty with Israel.

The Brotherhood' has repeatedly assured everyone that its lawmakers want to build a modern democracy that will respect individual freedoms, free markets and international commitments, including Egypt's treaty with Israel.

Did you even read your own link? "We have had other assurances from the party with regard to their commitment not only to universal human rights, but to the international obligations that the Government of Egypt has undertaken," State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said in a briefing.

I don't understand how you can support Assad when he is slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians. Assad's bloody crackdown on the peaceful democratic protestors have killed over 5000 people. As in Egypt we are not supporting the bloody dictators, we are supporting the peaceful protesters and once they kick out Assad we will suport the new country.

33 months ago: Those "peaceful democratic protesters," Assaulted CBS Reporter Lara Logan, yelling, 'Jew! Jew!'"

Those "peaceful democratic protesters" stormed the Israeli embassy.

And in Libya, those "peaceful democratic protesters" that now rule the country welcomed a War Criminal wanted by the international war crimes tribunal.

Oh yes... Muslim Brotherhood are swell guys... Would you want them for your neighbors?

Btw... Assad's troops still rule the Egypt.
Eugene, OR
33 months ago: Everything is relative. We should always support human rights and democracy over ruthless dictatorships . The people have been oppressed so long that the religious organizations like the brotherhood were best organized when they finally achieved their freedom. Religious folk tend to be hot heads. Once they have a few years to explore democracy they will find that the religious radicals are not the best leaders.
33 months ago:
"Once they have a few years to explore democracy they will find that the religious radicals are not the best leaders. "

Do you mean... like they learned in Iran after they threw out the royal dictator?

The problem with radical Islamists is that they tend to stick to power...
Don Smith
Don Smith
Fairview, TN
33 months ago: Islam is a radical religion..The problem with Islam is not because it is a religion. People can believe in what they want to believe. The problem with Islam is with its political dimension. Islam wants to take over the world through Jihad. Jihad has two wings – deception and terror. Islam has declared a war on Mankind..The " radicals " speak loud the others speak softer but beileve in the same radical teachings..It is political but it operates as religion. It is religion but it has political goal. Islam is a religion but it is a political system that is at odds with our constitution and at war with our system of government. The Muslim Brotherhood is no exception and can not be trusted...
33 months ago: You summed it up nicely.

The political dimension is the greatest danger. Making deals with Muslim Brotherhood is almost the same as Neville Chamberlain making deal with Hitler and welcoming the "peace for our time..."

Making deals (and believing that they will stick) with people whose political idea is to rule the world with sword is usually a bad idea...
Don Smith
Don Smith
Fairview, TN
33 months ago: Muslim Brotherhood , Taliban....I didnt think we made deals with terrorist...Maybe the loophole is making them a Czar..

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