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The Kate Gosselin Hair Cut

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New Orleans, LA
So what’s up with Kate Gosselin’s hair? Her new haircut looks like a wolverine chewed on the back of her head. I mean, I’m not a stylist, but I’ve been to SuperCuts before, and it looks like the Kate Gosselin hair style is a throwback to raver’s hair in 1993.

Kate Gosselin, of course, is the C-list celebrity with the child-exploiting show on TLC – “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” She has been pimping out her “Kate Gosselin” hair style because (I think) she’s trying to drum up sales for her new book. Classy!

Kate Gosselin hair trivia time! Does she (A) save enough money from Jon’s 5-dollar-a-day allowance, (B) have an advertising deal with the salon that designed the “Kate Gosselin hair cut,” or (C) is heartless?

Obviously, the answer is (D), all of the above. Wake up, Kate Gosselin! Hair cuts aren’t going to save your marriage, counseling just might, though.

In my opinion, the Kate Gosselin hair style is just a ploy to make herself more marketable – she is way too focused on personal apperance and that dumb TV show. She’s going to lose Jon, and for what? A prim and packaged “Kate Gosselin Hair Cut” to sell to her viewers?

For shame.

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