The Greatest Ironic Tragedy of All Recorded History

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The Truth Will Set You Free
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Colorado Springs, CO
I hereby publicly declare the prohibition of cannabis to be the single Greatest Ironic Tragedy of All Recorded History.

Our global governments have demonized cannabis for the past one hundred years and unfortunately most people have unwittingly been conditioned to align themselves with this preposterous posture.

To this very day, in spite of oceans of evidence to the contrary, the US government holds the position that cannabis has absolutely zero medical value and should remain illegal for all purposes. The monkeys responsible for this vehemently intentional neglect should be hanged for high treason against humanity. The government has known about the outstanding medical utility of cannabis since the 1970's and could arguably be held accountable for the unnecessary suffering and death of millions of people.

What lies within cannabis can rightfully be christened the supreme superlative medicine, the elixir of the gods, a taste from the Fountain of Youth, the ultimate cure to end virtually all disease, and yet 99% of the world lives in ignorance of this genuine reality.

However, no lie can be sustained forever. The Cannabis Awakening is surely upon us. All cancers, all autoimmune, neurodegenerative, and inflammatory diseases, even signs of aging will soon only exist in retrospect as abysmal defects of what will be somberly remembered as the Medicinal Dark Ages.
37 months ago: Dude.

You need to give Altruist a bong hit.

Eugene, OR
37 months ago: Sorry Red. Neither grass nor alcohol did anything for me so I have not partaken since early college.

Although still illegal by federal mandate several states like California and Oregon have essentially decriminalized marijuana. This leads to conflicting legal actions like the feds raiding legal state dispensaries.

I think one of the greatest shames is that Industrial hemp has also been banned, although the THC content is negligible. Hemp seed is one of the most nutritious foods in the world

Hemp fiber is very useful for clothing and is 10 times as strong as cotton. It is great for rope, paper, insulation, feedstock, and many other uses. This law is handicapping our farmers. Hemp production could make agriculture much more affordable. Paranoia, ignorance, and fear of grass being a gateway drug is hurting the country.

Grass probably is not as damaging as tobacco but anything burned and ingested into the lungs will cause cancer. Nebulizers would be much healthier than bongs for medicinal uses.
37 months ago: Your claims of a magical cure-all are a bit over the top and will actually hurt your case to legalize cannabis of any flavor.

Far as I am concerned they should legalize all supposed drugs and reap the profits.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
37 months ago: Oh, he was serious?
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
37 months ago: I thought by the title it was going to say something about the election of Obama. Then it turned into a Ron Paul ad.
35 months ago: I have heard of MS sufferers finding relief with it. Other drugs that are monitored through doctor prescription, such as morphine are just as dangerous, so I would not want all and sundry being able to take it, but if people already have a debilitating illness, let them have some cannabis!

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