The Evangelical Gospel Commission is Antichrist and Satanic

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Dwayne Johnson
First: Who They Are

The Evangelical Gospel Commission also known as the EGC or the E.G.C. is an ultra-conservative think tank and Social Mobilization Network composed of the world's most fervent eschewers of Humanism, Naturalism, Environmentalism and Socialism. Its members include world leaders, corporate CEO's, business, media and entertainment moguls and influential religious leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Second: What They Believe and Espouse

Their beliefs have slight variations depending on the branch of Abrahamic religion they belong to but the primary and unifying belief is that it is their duty to facilitate, accelerate and accomplish the destruction of planet Earth and all its inhabitants in order to bring about a New Perpetual World Order also known as Heaven. Each of the three distinct groups sees themselves as elite sojourners on this planet. They believe themselves to be of divine selection and direction with authority to accomplish the work they do.

To this end they espouse beliefs and ideologies that serve this purpose. Included in these but not limited to them are the concepts, principles, practices and methodologies of unrestricted, unfettered and unregulated Capitalism, rampant fear mongering, violence, and terrorism, global monopolization of politics, resources and capitals. Principles and practices that devalue the advancement of people, lands and cultures are all fair and acceptable to the EGC.

Third: What Their Mission Is

The EGC ultimate goal is to facilitate, accelerate and accomplish the destruction of planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

Author's Commentary

The danger of the EGC rests in the breadth and scope of its influence and reach. It is their ability to infiltrate every aspect of world events. Their influence is not restricted by politics, geography, culture or religion. Every scientific principle or advancement that protects the natural processes is attacked and ridiculed. Every political effort around the world designed to bring about unity and peace is sabotaged and thwarted. Any efforts by people to curtail the destruction of their society, environment or planet are met relentlessly by stiff opposition. At every level and in every area there is the EGC to promote its diabolical agenda.
Below is an incomplete list of tactics used by the EGC to destroy humans, their planet and all the life that inhabits it.
1.Unrestricted Reproduction of the Human Race.
2.Monopolization of natural resources by the EGC for human use only
3.Unfettered greed and corruption via the deregulation of the world's markets.
4.Perpetual Warmongering by the covert manipulation of puppet dictators and militias.
5.Flooding the Economy with products that debilitate the physical and mental health of people this includes food stuff and media technology.
6.Curtailing rational thinking, free choice and individual effort by creating an illusion of intelligence, democracy and civic duty. There is no intelligence when the people that use a technology cannot manufacture that technology. There is no democracy when all the choices practice the same beliefs. There is no civic duty when the rights to freely assemble and protest have been stripped and replaced by preapproved activities.

Authors Final Note

In The Christian books of the Bible Jesus is repeatedly portrayed as a benefactor of the human race. He is seen reaching out to those least likely to be seen as religious or elite in anyway. The man known as Christ by the Christian community proclaimed a message of hope. His goal was to fix what was broken in the human race. To this end he commissioned twelve leaders whom in turn commissioned others, to this end was the teachings and Actions of Jesus spread across the whole world.

Did Jesus believe that one day this task would be complete? Yes! Did Jesus believe that everything would be fixable? No! Did Jesus believe that one day the earth in its broken state would have to be remade? Yes! Did Jesus leave this task up to the human race? No! Jesus commissioned us to work hard at being better people. This is what we are to do. Only God can say for certain when it is time to say quit. Our job is to fix things.

We should be mending relationships. We should be mending our health. We should be mending our cultures. We should be mending society. We should be mending the animal kingdom. We should be mending the earth. This is our duty, not to destroy the earth. As a final warning, God promises in the last Christian book of the Bible that he will destroy those that have destroyed the earth. There is no blessing awaiting those who have foolishly thought to hasten heaven by destroying the earth.

In the First book of the Bible God declares that what he created was good. Woe to the fools that call good evil and evil good that is the message from God, therefore everything that the EGC stands for is against Jesus and it is the product of the enemy of the human race. Satan hates God and he hates our planet and humans because we are special to God. The EGC is a tool of Satan to destroy us.
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