Stop the Violence:Mayweather serve your sentence NOW!

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This so-called Judge in Las Vegas has allowed based solely upon a contract to fight at this point NO ONE Floyd Mayweather Jr to delay his jail sentence until June 1, 2012. Exactly what kind of justice is this for his victim does she get to forget the memory of a professional boxer in any way, shape or form assaulting her?

His attorneys according to reports online filed a motion based solely upon the powers that be that are bound to make millions off the fight to allow him to stay out of jail till then. I wonder if a poor working person whose boss will make millions in the same amount of time were allowed to delay his sentence based upon his employer's income ability being slowed.

Despite my being a fan of boxing, a Michigander born and raised I am appalled at the mere idea that this boxer who doesn't even have a big fight actually scheduled as of yet is getting to stay free for this amount of time regardless of how long his sentence is.

There is no excuse for this travesty of justice, which is clearly based upon wealthy men making more money off the working poor of America and abroad. If he gets to fight who he wants to fight there will undoubtedly be money to be had worldwide in pay-per-view alone.

So much for the STOP THE VIOLENCE in America especially against women and children when a professional boxer is still allowed to go free despite having a legally prescribed sentence having been passed upon him by the Judge in question. The lawyer did not apparently even bring this subject up until after sentencing by what I can find online for information.

This appears to be just another lawyer trick based solely upon the money involved and the powers that be acquiescing to them.

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