Sex at 49

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My daughters think that life begins and ends at 18. I know different, though at one time I would of agreed with her.

Sex at 49...who would of thought that it gets better? The same guy, yes. As handsome as ever...yes. As much as ever...even more!

If you asked me at 19 I would of laughed so hard. Yet now, I love life. I love to continue to have fun and sex never gets boring. It just gets more fun. Especially as we smile, or laugh knowing full well that one day they will find out as well.

I always believed in love for ever and I still do. Through thick and thin, we have made it. We have raised 5 children and still our love is young. Still our hearts our young. Is it a bit of work? Yes, sometimes. Is it worth it? You bet!

For all my children I hope that they will love their mates more and more. That their love of life and each other will grow and be blessed. That they will never give up and never cease to be young at heart.

Sex is a wonderful, beautiful and enjoyable part of life. At every age.

54 months ago: Hey Chrissy. Sssshhh. But we agree. Hush though.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
54 months ago: You said it Sister. I love your outlook. Very inspiring.

Nice video additions, too.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
54 months ago: Wait! 49 and enlisting hard core while the "daughters" later "her" are at school.

Have you tried, uh, getting out of bed before 6:00 and sending the rest of the "Family" away from your domicile with a good breakfast? I'm sure your going to reply you get up two hours before everyone else to produce their morning breakfast..... Should we stop at "Morning Carpool DayCare" Breakfast?

Seems like there needs to be an investigation.


The '60's died several years ago.
54 months ago: Yeah.
54 months ago:
chrissy Canada

"Sex is a wonderful, beautiful and enjoyable part of life. At every age."

You are so right and so lucky.

But at 66, love in the mix helps to be able stay interested.

I tell it like it is, I pull no punches, tell no lies, and I am as I am

Siempre Solo
Siempre Solo
Auburn, NY
54 months ago: I think what it is that as we get older we tend to appreciate things a bit more than when we are younger and more hurried. Go Sex!
54 months ago: LOL I suppose you are right.
Siempre Solo
Siempre Solo
Auburn, NY
54 months ago: I try to remember myself as a pimpply sweaty teen with braces on my teeth. Not a pretty sight and then I try to picture my girlfriend or as I like to call her, "A stolen copy from my uncle's hidden stash of Penthouse mags." :D
Yeah, having sex at 40 (happy birthday to me!) is a whole lot better!

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