Sandy Hook: cover up, conspiracy, and common sense

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Parker Family: oddities? (BeforeItsNews)
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Virginia Beach, VA
The Sandy Hook massacre: what could be more tragic?

But an odd thing happened. Events in Newtown was clumsily mismanaged by local officials. News of the massacre was clumsily misreported by the mainstream media.

Almost instantly, self-appointed experts by the hundreds found discrepancies and more discrepancies. The massacre occurred five weeks ago but new contradictions are reported almost every day.

The so-called discrepancies cover a great range. Suddenly the entire population of the country is on jury duty. We have to observe witnesses, study evidence, and make up our own minds. The mainstream media reports only the official story. So we are all on our own.

Check the New York Times website. Is there any reference to discrepancies at Sandy Hook? My paper in Norfolk, Virginia, has never reported on discrepancies, but seems to print more letters than ever on why we need gun control. Many people trust this paper for their information. They don't even know there is a problem with the official story. It's weird. We live in the Big Silence.

For me this is a society-wide story. Public schools won't teach facts. Our media won't report facts. Real reporters are a dying breed. But if you figure out facts for yourself, you are called a conspiracy theorist. I ask you, when Sherlock Holmes tried to solve a crime, was he a conspiracy theorist?

Now, here's where I think we are. The officials (politicians, medical experts, police, bureaucrats of all kinds) will have to rationalize (i.e., tidy up) everything that's happened so far. To the degree that people have lied, this will be a very difficult project. But maybe our officials can make all the contradictory testimony and evidence fit together. Otherwise, this is a crisis for the country. There must be many frantic meetings occurring in the government offices of Connecticut and maybe Washington, DC.

I notice that left-wing media (Salon, for example) have started to counterattack. They do this in a shallow, sophistical way. At the end I feel that the discrepancy is more of a problem than it was before they claimed to refute it. Here is a short, rather entertaining video by ReviewManify that sums up the commonsense indictment of our media. Nothing that Salon says lays a glove on what this guy said 10 days ago.

Some cynics have gone all in: the whole Sandy Hook event is a fraud; the major players in the drama are actors; few if any people actually died. That's still an extreme view but gaining ground.

I sense that the most common view is that there are huge problems with the official story and these MUST be explained. One video, which declared Sandy Hook a hoax, has gained 11 million views. People are sincerely mystified; they are struggling to make sense of this thing. Spend an hour looking at the evidence that is out there; you'll probably want better explanations than you've heard so far.

Indeed, I think it's every American's duty to study Sandy Hook for yourself. Don't trust the authorities. Trust what you figure out.

Here, for those who haven't been following this story, is the very short list of major discrepancies: no video; no photographs; no bodies; no bullets; no blood; no broken glass; no tears; no updates on the second and third shooters arrested near the school; no further press conferences; no explanation for all the tribute pages that appeared prematurely (except to claim, oh well, everyone knows that timestamps don't mean anything. Really?!?).

My own nomination for worst discrepancy is the "raw helicopter footage" that appeared a few weeks ago. We see the front of the school in the minutes after the shooting. Ambulances coming and going? Bodies carried out on gurneys? No, none of that. Everything is rather peaceful. It's as if somebody in charge had perfect psychic powers and was able to tell that all the victims were dead, so why bother with resuscitation protocols? Why bother taking anyone to the ER? (I wrote a piece called "Sandy Hook Shooting: which is the biggest discrepancy?" It analyzes this paradoxical scene and gives several relevant links.

Speaking of new discrepancies coming in every day, people have just noticed that the two rows of cars parked in front of the school are all pointed in the same direction. Has that ever happened in the history of the world?

You see in the photo of the Parker family that one little girl has only four fingers, a thumb moved from one side to the other, and she's making the Devil sign. Did I mention, Newtown is said to be one of the county's hotbeds of Satanism? Is the photo a discrepancy for you or irrelevant? Either way, this video from Jan. 2 is weird but gives a good sense of the complexity we're dealing with.

Virginia Beach, VA
21 months ago: I apologize for typo near start. Damn!
21 months ago: No problem Bruce,

Here is a comprehensive video on the Sandy Hook "hoax" far over 11 million views and only 1200 dislikes... a must see, lots to consider...

The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed

Sandy Hook Fully Exposed - OFFICIAL PART 2
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21 months ago: I have to do this over. Sorry typo.
I'm a Christian first and foremost and would never be taken in by this hate.
Work of NRA.
Virginia Beach, VA
21 months ago: More videos every day. Here's an interesting new one:
21 months ago: It is a sick society if they believe that.
They had a pile of bodies that were children. Innocent, tiny children.
I don't think authorities wanted to shock people by carrying them out like they were luggage. It was too shocking for the public and the families.
I imagine if anyone is looking to make this fraudulent, they will find a way. It is a sorrowful society that we are living in today. I go up to Connecticut each week and Sandy Hook is not far from where we go. The week before I had said that it was so safe and peaceful, and I thought about moving there.
So, we are not safe from insanity anywhere.
21 months ago: Sometimes the public needs to be shocked. They whine and cry about blood and violence in movies and video games but refuse to show in living color what they CLAIM this causal disregard for images of life and death are like in real life.

Life is too shocking for the public and families. Time the public grew up and realized that sometimes it is not all soccer games and trips to the mall. 100's of millions of people in this world are subjected to worse than a few incidences of murder. Whole villages of women and children are chopped up with machetes while the men are forced to watch and then slowly killed. Mothers are forced to kill their own children, fathers, their wives and worse. Atrocities that this country has not been subjected to, mostly, since race relations have been better understood and more equal treatment has become the "norm".

Should they be forced to view pictures of dead children and adults? No, but you can bet that many of those who claim they would never seek out such sights, will view them if given a chance. Should they be required to view such things? Possibly. It may be the only thing shocking enough to make them get off their **** and actually do their job of parenting in such a way that they KNOW their child will not be the one wielding a weapon with the intention of slaughtering innocents. If not parenting, doctoring or whatever shrinks call their work.

Because there has been so much doubt brought up over Sandy Hook, I am afraid that within a few months, we will be seeing whatever evidence there is proving that the incident actually took place. Hopefully it will be irrefutable and all questions concerning whether or not this incident happened as the cops claim it did will be answered.

Sorry Sunny, there are not any safe places except where you are alone and then there is always the chance that you could become your own worst enemy.

Until then, I will continue to observe.
Virginia Beach, VA
21 months ago: HELICOPTER FOOTAGE. If videos don't work, try this:
21 months ago: Fake video.
It could have been anything up there.
Virginia Beach, VA
21 months ago: What do you mean, fake video?

How would you fake something like this?
21 months ago: The video was from someone videoing their TV of a telecast of a news helicopter's video. Would have been better had it actually been the original video.

There is not much activity considering the extent of the event.
21 months ago: Bruce, Why would you think it isn't.
It is obvious to everyone.
What do you mean, saying it is real?
21 months ago: There are many bright theorist in science and other prominent areas. In this case I believe they are navigating people from the truth.
Just another day, another shooting in a school in Texas.
Is this a cover up? Tell that to the parents and see what they say. This is out and out arrogance.
21 months ago: This is the worse I've seen in my life.
I'm disgusted with people.
We have too many haters in this Country.
21 months ago: I watched CBS this morning and they were covering a story on Sandy Hook, and there is no mention of any conspiracy.
I haven't heard it anywhere except here.
21 months ago: No offence, Bruce, but why?
It is very obvious that this conspiracy is based on some other reason. This is painful for families of the children. Anyone would know this is made up. It is very cruel. I don't even like the picture you posted or what you had to say.
Virginia Beach, VA
21 months ago: The photo is from the video, link provided. It's not my picture.

There is a torrent of info out there. I'm just trying to make sense of it. I'd say Sandy Hook is the most convoluted crime scene in history. Or one of them. Within two days of the event, somebody named Clare Kuehn published a list of 25 discrepancies.
21 months ago: Bruce, "Somebody" named ??????? whoever that is doesn't mean they are credible, and you right away believe what they say? Many of these people want attention and start trouble and problems. A lot of them are sick people and follow stories that are very sad to cause more pain.
It is so fake.
21 months ago: This is one of those thing that you will have to search the internet rather than watch the TV/Cable and decide for yourself what is and isn't true.

I hate to say it but about the only thing that will end the controversy is full disclosure. Videos, photos, autopsy reports, everything. Horrible stuff but since the questions have been raised and the evidence in the public domain at this time is very ambiguous, the only way to get to the truth is going to be hard. Hard on the families and hard on the officials who have the tendency to hide information because they do not want to share with other agencies or the public.

Credibility is fleeting.

As for causing pain, sometimes it is necessary for some to suffer so that all might benefit, and when it comes to the truth, suffering is almost always part of the answer.

Better to get this answered quick than to prolong it.

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