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Salvo Fired In Iran/Google War

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Chris D
Seattle, WA
Looks like Iranians aren’t going to get to try out the new Google Buzz. The telecommunications wing of the government has announced that Gmail will be blocked permanently in Iran. Google mail has been used to coordinate anti-government protests, along with Twitter and even Facebook. In exchange, the government will offer their own email system – which they promise is secure.

Google’s been getting good press recently for pushing against China’s censorship (finally), and the Iran/Google war is just another front in the worldwide information war. An Iran/Google fight has been brewing ever since the failed “green revolution” last year. Shutting down Gmail won’t stop the new youth movement in Iran, though. I believe that pro-democracy Iranians will find other ways to organize.

Tomorrow, February 11, is the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The Ayatollah Khamenei promised that Friday will be marked with a “devastating punch to the West.” I hope that it’s not a terror attack. Many bloggers are predicting that there will be widespread protests in Tehran again, and simultaneous protests in other cities worldwide.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. I’ll definitely be watching the headlines for any signs of violence. Who know? Maybe we’ll see the rise of a new government tomorrow. Since a lot of news reports from Iran are censored or patently false, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on in that nation.

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57 months ago: Each one is trying to use the information highway, to create profits and control the masses.

The people must be free and there is no way to stop them, whether in Iran or in the US.

But in each country, there are people like me, wanting to expose the scams, frauds and crimes of their own country.

The Iranians are waking up and fighting for their inalienable and Constitutional rights.

These files will expose the scams, frauds and crimes right here in the US.

In Iran, I hope there is another Ronbot Hunter willing, to expose the Scams, frauds and crimes over there.


Eugene, OR
57 months ago: People will always find ways to make their voices free. Cell phones are ubiquitous, and videos of police and revolutionary guards beating protestors are finding their way onto U-Tube.

Obama and Hillary are exactly correct in monitoring but keeping a strict hands off approach. If we were to even hint that we supported the people's revolution the Ayatollahs and revolutionary guards running the country would say that America is trying to overthrow the government as they did in 1952.
The people of Iran are intensely nationalistic and hate the US for it's intervention in the past. They would unite in any opposition to the US and support the existing government.

Any change in government has to come from inside the country from the people. Right now the Revolutionary Guard controls everything but they have wives and relatives who do not like the current government and eventually the members of the guard will change, and then they will throw out the Ayatollahs.

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