Roswell 1947 Aliens Revisited

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Dwayne Johnson
You have to have been living in a bubble not to have at least heard of alien's crash landing in Roswell New Mexico in the summer of 1947. The truth is out there Scully. Well I am not going to argue for or against this account. Sometimes it is better not to know certain things. What I do want to point out is how time affects events if certain things actually did happen. Ready…Set…Go!

If space aliens did crash land in the US in 1947 and they survived then that means over 60 years have passed since it happened. This would make any humanoid life form with a similar human life span very, very old now or most likely dead. If this is the case then any useful information these aliens could have provided is now unattainable. That means that any knowledge of alien technology to be learned has to now be acquired from the recorded information. Also remember that earth Astronauts are not necessarily experts in earth technology there is no reason to believe that alien astronauts would be experts in their own technology either. That would make any records US scientist have of these aliens and their technology at the very best incomplete.

Also given the political climate at the time of the Roswell crash there is no reason to believe that the US military that intercepted the stranded aliens would have treated them as anything other than prisoners of war that invaded US air space. If this is the case then we have to consider the possibility that any information gathered from these aliens would be clouded by the processes used to extract information from these aliens. Over time the methods must have become less direct and colored the way the aliens interacted with the US military. It is even possible that the aliens began to suffer from Stockholm syndrome and began to identify with their captors. Perhaps even leading to human, alien breeding programs.

These stranded aliens must also have broken contact with their base operation eventually leading to rescue or recovery missions which depending on their findings might escalate or placate. It could very well be that any living alien dependents might be half human and not identify with their alien family and might be actively avoiding an alien reunion. If this is the case then this possibility might also have been considered by the alien rescue team and they might be prepared for a large scale confrontation. Finally a space faring civilization with easy access to the universe must also have access to time and dimensional travel which could inevitably mean that we are already surrounded.
Eugene, OR
35 months ago: It is funny that while I read this I am also watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Scull.

Could be that the aliens just don't want to mess with a developing culture, or that they consider us so primitive that we are beneath their interest.

If I were to send out exploration teams I would send out robots because they wouldn't mind the hundreds or thousands of years of travel.

If you send out an exploratory ship that will take generations to get to the nearest star, how long do you think it would take for technology to advance past the point that they could send out faster than light or other technologies that could overtake them?
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: It could be that the alien vehicles are actually the intelligent lifeforms. And when one crashed, we managed to interbreed it with our vehicles, leading to the new hybrid cars of today.

Or it could be that they are pure energy, and are mating with thunderstorms, causing the weather anomalies we are seeing.

Or possibly, they are staying incognito because they are made of anti-matter, with only their specialized vehicles to buffer them from the devastating effects of coming into contact with normal matter. But, I'll bet they consider us to be the ones made of anti-matter. Can you imagine? If they wanted to destroy us, all they would need would be a few suicide troops to land and open the doors of their space ships.

The most likely reason that we have never seen a real alien, and that the government won't admit to covering up a conspiracy, is that aliens don't exist here on Earth. We have no evidence that they exist anywhere, but it is fun to imagine and speculate and make up stories, just like we do about vampires and fairies and ghosts.
Eugene, OR
35 months ago: What?! No Vampires, Fairies and Ghosts?

I think some of our folk tales are based on actual events. The Irish and many other cultures have stories about the "Little People" and now we have found skeletons of a different race we called Hobbits (Homo floresiensis).

The Neanderthals and Devonians also co-existed with modern humans so perhaps the Neanderthals were the origins of the Giants in our mythology.

Things like the Nazca plains might be an indication of early visitations and there are still UFO sightings. Mystery and folklore is fun.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
35 months ago: Vampires, too. But I'm not sure if the real blood drinkers were the cause of the myths, or if the myths led insane people to drinking blood. Pygmies, too, still exist on all but one continent.

On the "hobbits",

Scientists just can't seem to get their act together any more.

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