Roger Stone On The Palin Resignation

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Chris D
Seattle, WA
A top Richard Nixon “hitman” has some thoughts on Sarah Palin’s recent resignation. In a recent article by Roger Stone, Palin is exonerated and defended, but Stone also hints that she needs a better PR team.

Roger Stone believes that Sarah Palin HAD to quit her job to become a valid candidate for the 2012 presidential election.

The “Stone Zone” commentator has a few reasons for his theory:

- Sarah Palin is a lightning rod for “nuisance lawsuits,” which hurt Alaska.
- The economic climate in Alaska isn’t able to sustain its citizens and Palin.
- To be viable for 2012, Sarah Palin needs public relations coaching.

Interestingly, Roger Stone compared Palin’s decision to a similar one made by Richard Nixon in 1962.

“[He was] fed up by the constant assault on his values and his middle-class background by the liberal media,” Stone said.

Nixon “quit” politics – and six years later was elected president. Could Palin do the same? Maybe a Roger Stone/Palin political team could take the White House, but it’s still quite a ways in the future. I just think that Palin’s much too divisive. You either love her or hate her, and I doubt she could pull 50 percent of the vote.

You’ve got to love Roger Stone’s favorite quote, which is certainly applicable today.

"Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack."

What do you think? Is Sarah Palin electable? Let me know!

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64 months ago: Blah Blah Blah Blah...damage control is what it was...or is that waste control?

My Daddy always said that rats will desert a sinking ship. Always watch out for the rats and you will know when to get off a boat.

I think she got caught in a big old bear trap and that was how the state of Alaska got rid of her. Leave and we will give you the "get out of jail free card."

I don't trust anyone who promotes the killings of wolves and bears and doesn't take care of childrens' education.

She can push her disabled child in front of the world all she wants to...she let the education system of the state of Alaska down!

She is a quitter...bottom line.

Southern smiles and world peace,
~The Baby Boomer Queen~
Author of Baby Boomer Advisor Club
Spirit of Ralphie
Spirit of Ralphie
Long Beach, CA
64 months ago: First of all, she's NOT a "quitter". She just has a lousy
sense of timing, commitment, and follow-through. And if
things with Mark Sanford don't work out, she just might try
to tap into her public "frontierswoman person", and start
a hunting guide service: "Sarah's Slaughters". For just
$25K, any rich person can be escorted on an aeiral tour
of the 49th state, and shooot what ever they want from
a helicopter. Hey, it's not as easy as it sounds: you
CAN spill your coffee if there's enough turbulence!
Just like with (the ghost of) Michael Jackson; Sarah,
how can we miss you, if you won't go away?
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: OMG, an Author. A self acclaimed Baby Boomer. I am also a 'Baby Boomer'. I am really digging on watching all of these self absorbed boomers while they spew their misinformation so they can sleep at night after the hard days work ripping off the current generation and the next, and the next.... Southern smiles? No, while you may be from the south you are not southern. The proof is that you made such a statement. We southerners are not two faced. True southerners will come directly at you.
64 months ago: The Cypress Gang...

Blah Blah Blah must not be a Southern because you are no gentleman...I just bet you are a transport pretending to be a Southerner. Being from lower Texas does not make you a Southerner, it makes you a Texan...or a want-a-be Southerner...different critters.

See ya' in the funny papers,
~The Baby Boomer Queen~
64 months ago: Spirit of Ralphie...

You just might be right...but no self respecting Rebublican would charge 25 grand when they could get 50 grand.

The Palins have the sea and the tundra covered. If it moves they can kill it.

Why, I bet that Palin would even bait the hook for ya' or pull the trigger.

Just when I thought that she would disappear for a while, she becomes the rabbit from the hat.
Mike Licht
Mike Licht
Washington, DC
64 months ago: For Sarah Palin so loves Alaska that she's sacrificing her valuable TITLE.


The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: Welcome to politics. You want a southern gentleman? Stay out of southern politics. You can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Tart.
64 months ago: Mike...Is that a biblical text?
~The Baby Boomer Queen~
64 months ago: Living on the outside of Houston....

Tart...why you wouldn't know a tart from a fried pie...

~The Baby Boomer Queen~
64 months ago: Vote "NO" for Palin. She can't function well enough to be much more than gov., even a moron like me can do that job!

Name calling? So soon? A true southern gentleman would have waited a few more posts.

BBQ, Southerner is the word you were looking for.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: No, I think the word I used in rebuttal to the comment offered is the correct word. Look it up.

Hey Pop-the-Tart? Did you figure that out without either Google, Yahoo or Bing maps? How about it CHER? Your Southern? Prove it. I can only guess right now due to incomplete data. My guess is the Ozarks using HughesNet and a generator to operate the dollar bill validator on the trailer door...

Six? Please, I like you guy but you grew up in California didn't you? Don't go there. I accept that you have tried to integrate into southern thinking but it really takes many generations to get the full grasp.
64 months ago: BBQ, " must not be a Southern because you are no gentleman" Southerner is the correct usage as I said. I don't know what a "Southern" is unless it is a direction of the compass or you have to leave the "a" out.

TCG, WRONG! Born there, did not make it to my second birthday before we were back in Arkansas, home of my family, several generations of them including two after mine. You may attribute my brand of thinking to my worldwide education via the US military, I like to incorporate all that I have learned into my persona instead of just what I learned "on my grandad's knee". Maybe I am a bit to progressive for you, I will not stay stuck in the thinking of 1950's America.
64 months ago: The good thing about if Palin became President is she would only be in office for 2 years before resigning, or "passing the ball on."

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