Respect for Parents and the Elderly

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Respect for Parents and the Elderly.

Why is it that in some nations people have respect for their elders and in others nations they do not? Why do some societies embrace their aging and other throw them away, throughout the history of the world. Old age has most often been equated with wisdom, honor, integrity and esteem. If a mother and father brought children into the world, should the children help, and respect them when they get old and can no longer do the things they could do when young?

In my opinion, disrespecting one's parents shows what we are made of, and your lack of virtue, as a matter of fact it's the lowest fruit of a human being.


Whatever Happened to
"Respect Your Elders?"

A large percentage of North Americans would rather their parents reside in an Old folk home, then live with them, and are rarely visited.


It is about respecting elders, honoring heroes and cherishing love. It is a land of aspirations, achievements and self reliance. Indian culture has a very high level of tolerance and hence the advent of so many external cultures was not restricted.


values place the family and society over the
individual. Many American-born Chinese may not be as traditional.
But still hold values of respect for elders and authority.
The oldest son has obligations toward the family and is expected.To respect and care for parents. The tradition of "filial piety" is the value of total respect for the
family, especially the elders. This respect for elders was advocated. Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher and many Chinese and Chinese-American families choose to follow these ancient principles.


Traditionally, elders are respected for their wisdom, experience, and knowledge.
Elders, regardless of the tribe, assume significant roles as teachers and caretakers of the young.


Elders are accorded a central role as the primary source of cultural knowledge. It should be understood that the identification of "Elders" as culture-bearers is not simply a matter of chronological age, but a function of the respect accorded to individuals in each community that exemplify the values and lifeways of the local culture and who possess the wisdom and willingness to pass their knowledge on to future generations. Respected Elders serve as the philosophers, professors and visionaries of a cultural community.


Elders are given high respect in Vietnamese society. They areconsidered the carriers of tradition, knowledge, and wisdom. Age is considered an asset, not a liability. Elderly grandparents and parents stay with the family for support and care.
Elders may prepare meals and care for grandchildren if both the husband and wife work. In Vietnam, elders are the leaders and decision-makers in the family and often sought for advice. When these elders move to the U.S., they can become socially and culturally isolated for many reasons (e.g., lack of English, age, lack of training for work). In contrast, the younger family members become more Americanized and may behave in ways their elders do not approve. This can create tension in families where elders feel ignored and not respected.


Elders are respected, obeyed and considered a source of wisdom.
To survive to old age is often considered an accomplishment reflecting
personal strength, resourcefulness, and faith.


Elders are held in high esteem.
Old age is viewed as a positive time in the life of the elder.
Care for elders is provided by the extended family. It is expectedthat children will care for their elderly parents.


Traditional Koreans value filial piety and respect for elders.In Korean culture, children are taught to respect elders whether they are right or wrong. There is the expectation that the children will take care of their parents in old age. Two important family holidays that are celebrated with feasts include the 60th birthday and the 70th birthday.


Never talk to the elders while standing up. It's customary to talk to them while sitting down, and if they're sitting on a chair, squat or kneel down to talk to them. Even if you're not talking to an elder directly, you should not stand if you are in a room where an elder is seated. Say "tulou," which means excuse me, when you pass someone older than you if they're sitting on the floor or in a chair.


Demonstrate great respect toward their elders. This respect for elders is taught very early in life.

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15 months ago: I´m here for the first time time and just reading this rant of yours makes me have to vent! I´d even like to write a rant myself, titled "Why should age entitle one to anything?" First of all generally, being 59 I still don´t believe in "You´re of some age now, so start acting like it!" To my belief "respect" can´t be ordered or commanded, it has to be earned!!! I recieve disrespect from youths, even toddlers sometimes but I just don´t care, because these brats don´t know me, or care about it, think their dumbness is cool, & their parents are just plain dysfunctional dorks! Thus I have spoken, so ignore them and don´t go whining about it!
1st major disagreement:
Old age has most often been equated with wisdom, honor, integrity and esteem
this may have been true 50 - 100 years ago when most people had no appropriate sources of information! You just had to get 60/70 or older to have some sort of superior knowledge & experience because it just took that much time, and much of your learnings were just pure coincidence! Leave alone all collective errors. Living in an information society nowadays a person can gather mor knowledge in a month than your parents, uncles/aunts, teachers, instructors/trainers could get in months or years! Also much of these wisdoms are none more than remnants of unclear/filtered recollections & memories of the "good ol´days when I was young, strong & sooo important" Take my 91 year old father for example: (so glad he´s in a retirement home) an obstinate old cuss who´s third reich education & upbringing polarizes his in a way - if ever something isn´t exactly to his opinion... IT´S ALL BAD! If I go buy him some certain cookies from a certain store (It HAS to be ALDI) and they don´t have them, I´M TOO STUPID TO BUY SOME COOKIES. He still treets my sister (62) & me like inferior kids, because he remembers us as kids, with all the stupid stuff kids do! Now where is the all the "wisdom, honor, integrity and esteem" I´m supposed to kiss butt to? (BTW my mother was even more bigotted, and she simply refused to integrate in the U.S. embarassly barking german phrases all in public! But at least she died at 48!)
2nd major disagreement:
If a mother and father brought children into the world...

Another one building altars for breeders??? The wonder of life??? EVERY MAMMAL DOES JUST THE SAME (we´re all mammals) Who asked me if I wanted to be concepted/born? Nobody, they just BREEDED Ho-Di-Ho!
3rd major disagreement:
You mentioned all those foreign or obsolete cultures worshiping their oldies, just take a closer look at their mentalities and you´d soon see it dosn´t work in our society. Are you really still demanding unquestioned power for "elders" as in your specified obsolete societies? And this: would YOU like to put up with abuse by powerdrunken ignorant old farts (elders), having to obey them, apply to every beck & call in stupid complete subservience? Or could it be... YOU whine that YOU can´t have these convieniences? After all, it´s well known power often leads to megalomania, after all it´s human nature.

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