Obama, an Empty Chair, and Empty Education

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No More Mr. Nice Guy
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Virginia Beach, VA
For several days after Clint Eastwood amazed and amused the Republican National Convention by addressing an invisible President Obama, the reviews were mixed and contentious.

Even Republicans were nervous that Eastwood had gone too far. Meanwhile, liberals had no doubt that Eastwood's senile disrespect would destroy, or at least upstage, Romney's candidacy.

On Sunday, everything changed. President Obama announced that Eastwood was one of his favorite actors. I think this was a gesture of surrender. The more that Democrats talked about how misguided Eastwood was, the more people wanted to look at the video for themselves. Couldn't have that.

Here's the part that liberals didn't want people to know. No matter what you think of Eastwood's improv, he was dropping bombs all the way: "When someone does not do the job, we gotta let them go."

Apparently the killer was that Eastwood had made laughing at the president permissible. The media try to suppress any criticism. Obama and his loyalists constantly play the race card. But here was a highly respected tough-guy icon doing a comedy routine at Obama's expense. Empty chair. Empty suit. Empty presidency. That's what people were thinking.

My major concern is public education; and I want to suggest that it is exactly like Obama. There is this vast liberal edifice, based on so-called progressive (i.e. Socialist) doctrines, endorsed and supported by thousands of self-appointed experts, protected by the media, sent down to us from the gods. We are supposed to worship.

Meanwhile, everything gets worse. The economy, in the case of Obama's domain. All the statistics about public schools, in the case of our Education Establishment's domain.

Just think of all those professors up at Harvard's Graduate School of Education as the invisible experts sitting in an empty chair.

What's needed now is a lot more laughter. If so-called experts cannot teach millions of children to read, these phonies SHOULD be laughed at. If so-called experts cannot teach millions of children to do basic arithmetic, these phonies SHOULD be ridiculed.

Basically, we need Clint Eastwood to have a little chat with Education. Ideally such a chat would include tough-guy lines such as "Get off my lawn" and "Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?"

At that moment, Education is drilled by a .457 Magnum or scurries off to attend another conference about the 21st-century school. Blah-blah-blah.

Personally, I suggest everyone take a cue from President Obama's favorite political thinker, Saul Alinsky. This left-wing agitator preached that you should demonize your opponents and make fun of them. This is exactly the right thing to do in the case of Education. The people in charge of it richly deserve to be made fun of. They are incompetent, or their brains are warped by extreme political views, or they are only in it for the money. One way or another, they do a crummy job.

Now take the Education Establishment. Please.

So, in the case of public schools, we don't have to be Waiting for Superman. Instead, every community needs the spirit of Clint Eastwood to ride into town and scare off the bad guys. With them and their failed theories out of the way, it's a safe bet that public schools will be a lot more successful.


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25 months ago: May I be the first to say... Bruce D Priceless !:]

Love the Rant, love the determination! You really have a heart for what is going to make or break the next generation... education! Clint Eastwood... good on him!
Virginia Beach, VA
25 months ago: Thanks, Truth
Every time I think I'm being adventurous on this matter, history jumps forward. It's all over the web (Friday AM) that Eastwood just said he made exactly the points he wanted to make; and he added: '"President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." Take that, 10,000 lefty pundits.

The next greatest hoax is probably the phony educational methods used in public schools. The same bunch of people gave us both hoaxes.

Eugene, OR
25 months ago: Demonization of teachers and cutting the education budget by 20% will not fix our education problem. Teachers are extraordinarily hard working people who sacrifice their lives for the sake of the children. They have to go back to school almost every summer to learn more about the latest research on what actually works. It is a lifelong effort. We are always learning better ways to educate the kids and are constantly changing teaching methods to practice what works best.

Nor will privatizing education help. Research has shown that the private schools test better than the private schools in almost every case. America has many good public schools that can compete well with other nations. The problem is that we also have a lot of wretched schools that drag down the averages. The main problem is the inconsistent and unfair way we finance schools. 70-80% of school funding is from property taxes. This insures that poor neighborhoods have the worst run down schools. It should be the opposite. The poor kids have a lot more social problems that require better teachers and better schools. Just about anyone can teach self motivated kids that have the support of educated parents but it takes really gifted teachers to teach kids that are hungry, and have to deal with drugs, gangs, single parents that are often working several jobs just to get by in rat infested tenements. You can't run education like a business punishing poorly performing schools with less funds. We need national financing so every child gets the same opportunity, but the needs of the poor is even greater.
Virginia Beach, VA
25 months ago: Sophistical comment. As I've told you, I don't write about teachers. I discuss the Education Establishment, the commissars in charge, the professors at the top--perhaps only a few hundred with any real power.

But I do like your idea of cutting the education budget. I'm sure that more can be achieved with less.

25 months ago: There are some real morons running the upper end of the education establishment. The ones laying down the "law" to the teachers in the schools who don't have a clue what works and what doesn't but make multi-million dollar decisions implementing programs that don't work, can't work and infringe upon the teachers right to teach their students. Being the parent of two licensed teachers, another one soon to be and in-law to another and cousin of a few more, I've heard the tales of frustration at the "establishment".

"No child left behind" put our students years behind. Better to leave a few in the dust and special ed than 3/4ths to 7/8ths of the student body held at their level. there are only so many seats in the AP classes.

All depends on where you cut the budget. Lets start at upper management salaries and move that savings down to the classroom so my teacher children don't have to spend part of their salaries on supplies to teach others children.

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