Mr. President:Libya Military Ok, Sudan not so much?

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Libyans have weapons refugees don't
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Let me get this straight because Libya is attacking its own people we are using military force? Yet it has nothing to do with the oil reserves that we so desperately need? Really considering that we refuse to do anything in the Sudan which has absolutely no natural minerals of any kind that America needs desperately we do nothing.

We use military mite in Libya for protecting peace and rebellion there all the while in Sudan we are only mediating for peace there. I guess unless those refugees begin to arm themselves and try to overthrow their government offering us some type of benefits we will sit by doing nothing.

It's truly a shame that as our young voluntarily join the military including my own nephew of late our being asked to fight in countries that don't truly want us but have some political or natural resource benefit to our government. All the while, a country that is suborning genocide to continue to talk for peace there as the genocide is still being allowed.

Maybe if our government officials had spent a day in combat boots and mud sleeping in the rain they would be able to understand what they are asking of others peoples kids. If our President wishes to continue on the path of defending the rights of democracies around the world, he might consider more than whether they have oil in their lands we need.

Many American soldiers understand the need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. They do this voluntarily but if all they die for is oil to make our wealthy oil companies wealthier than we are misleading them as to what their mission really are. That is detrimental to the morale of those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who fight in the name of America worldwide.

Mr. President when you look at those classified pictures of children refugees who are lying dead in not only Libya but also the Sudan. I hope that for all our sakes you think that may be your child lying there. Because sir you are the leader of the free world and your children are watching what message do you want your children to get.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
43 months ago: I may be wrong. The oil in Libya mostly goes to Europe. So the question should be...Mr. President why are we helping France, Germany, England and the rest of Europe fight for their oil????

Or am I wrong?
43 months ago: because we took their oil from Iraq?

They all had deals with Saddam when we took over and invaded in the betterment of our own oil options.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
43 months ago: Good post. Thanks J Lee.

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