Miley Cyrus is an Idiot!

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Laguna Beach, CA
Miley Cyrus is an idiot. It makes me mad that she is even famous, she is just so stupid. And now she is in trouble because she got caught making a racist gesture. How stupid can you be? Her life is so easy, and she just keeps doing stupid things. Maybe this is because being a teen on TV means bad things are going to happen, but LC and some of those other mouseketeer people didn't turn out so bad. Well, some of them did, but that should be expected. Doesn't Miley even know that she can't do these stupid things, especially not on camera. It's not like she has no examples of wrong to look at, I mean even Michael Phelps is in trouble, and he was a good boy. And he's cute, so that should count for something when the media or whatever judges him for something most of our parents probably did at some point too. They're just lucky there weren't so many cameras everywhere back then, in phones and whatever. Anyway, I'm tired of Miley, she is so like 3 years ago I wish she would just go away. She wasn't even worth writing about, oh well, I got this far.
69 months ago: I agree, Miley Cyrus IS an idiot... I mean she traded in a PORSCHE for a friggin' PRIUS! That SCREAMS idiocy to me! I didn't catch the racist hand gesture though...???

I think growing up in the environment that she did played a huge part on her lack of brain power.

Even her name is dumb.
Coloranter Raver
Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
69 months ago: I agree with Siempre Solo. Society is to blame more than she is.
Oceanside, CA
68 months ago: okay, miley cyrus may act immature and stupid sometimes, okay alot of the time. but her life is deffinintly not easy! shes being watched by people all the time. shes a teen pop sensation for crying out loud! try putting yourself in her shoes and you'de realize, she may have a lot of things, but its not allways so easy living like that. its not what its cracked up to be trust me. there are good and bad things about it. but it can be very stressful at times. because you allways have to worry about being so perfect because people are watching you. that aint easy.
Friona, TX
58 months ago: Okay this is so old but im gonna comment anyways.She made her life this way. She wanted fame so bad and now she has it. So theres really no excuse for her stupid behavior. Just because some teens show their nasty private parts doesnt mean that she can. Must i remind you guys that she is supposed to be a role model?! I dont care if she asked for it or not. She knew thats what she had to be when she started working for Disney. Shes already got a tattoo, took dirty pics more then once!, and dances on a pole at her concerts. Not exactly innocent. Shes not even 18 yet. Yes..she will be the next Britney Spears.
57 months ago: She's young, AND a teenager. Teens do stupid things, and when you're famous, these stupid things became the breakdown of your life (not that high school cliques didn't do that enough)

I personally think she's not that talented, or even has good acting and music. She wants fame, then sure, give it to her. I for once don't think she's THAT gorgeous, but hey, if people like her, then whatever. I just thought with all the luck and chances she's been given, she should have been more careful about what she's doing.

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