Michigan loses in Overtime

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With the game going into overtime, you would have thought that it was a close game all along. Not so fast as Michigan looked like the lesser team for most of the game despite getting three points on the scoreboard first.

I worried about how Forcier was going to respond on the road and honestly, I was pleased for the most part but, disappointed overall.

He made some grave decisions putting the ball up for grabs more than once which seems unlike this normally a quality player for the Michigan Wolverines.

Between the weather and an obviously well aware of the game Michigan State Defense managed to hold Michigan down most of the game.

I was very afraid of how the team as a whole was going to react away from the Big House and they for the most part in my opinion did exactly what I was afraid of. They responded as if they were lost within the timing of the game most of the game as a whole.

Seemingly unable to get a solid rhythm going on both sides of the ball as Michigan State dominated ball possession most of the game.

Let us hope that next week they can recover and not let this game sit on them like a heavy weight dragging them back down into last season’s record.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
61 months ago: Isn't Michigan just a few miles east of Chicago, Illonois?

Chi-town, Chi-town my kind of town?

What exactly happened in overtime this week when the top U.S. player was called to play for the Olympics bid?

He lost in overtime.

Really, I am just joking J.Lee.

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