Michigan: Dear Governor Rick Snyder

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Reinvention=Business tax breaks
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Dear Governor Snyder:
It is nice that you have been giving tax breaks to businesses however with recent cuts to state assistance for poor and working poor it causes some concerns. Many of the larger companies that you are giving more breaks have been laying off people left and right all the while paying for charter jets and big bonuses for management all at the expense of the laid off. As we, all know it is customary to be paid a bonus for saving company money each year to increase profits and if those are earned by lying off permanently, you are only rewarding negative behavior among state employers.
Having done this since your recent changes to state aid benefits for many working and non-working poor in the state only leads to more issues. Taxing some retirees while providing your former cohorts in big business leaves many wondering why they worked all their lives only to struggle in their retirement.
All the while millionaires get wealthier and working poor can barely see a pay raise and expectations for unemployed to take just any job available can be more stressful than you or your former cohorts could begin to understand sir. I quote a report online from
"Michigan's minimum wage is $7.40 per hour. This is greater than the Federal Minimum Wage. You are entitled to be paid the higher wage.
The minimum wage is $7.40 per hour for most employees in Michigan, with exceptions for tipped employees, some student workers, and other exempt occupations.[1]"

I wonder how many wealthy lawyers and such would run for office if they work only making minimum wage at a 40 hour work week. I would presume not that many since after all these days they do not run for office to serve only, they run for power and money. They make millions afterwards what with book deals, speaking engagements, etc… It leaves many to wonder what if people were paid to speak on the benefits of making minimum wage would say to the wealthy include you, Mr. Governor.
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34 months ago: This is a very good J Lee.
Perfect Horizon
Perfect Horizon
Chicago, IL
34 months ago: Minimum wages are rising, in Illinois the minimum wage is $8.25; Washington is at $9.04; San Fransisco just passed a city law mandating minimum wage within the city limits to be $10.

Raising the minimum wage, however, only helps those who are already employed. As the minimums go up employers, especially small ones, are far less likely to hire new people, but rather just give their existing employees a raise and hope to get more productivity out of them. I know my company's minimum payrate of any new hire is actually at $11.50/hr (well above the State of Illinois' minimum) however there are some employers ( cough) who are not so kind.
34 months ago: I understand what you're saying that being said our governor here in Michigan is throwing himself at business to keep his job. While they complain about sales not only in Michigan and the taxes they pay. There has to be more income for those who work for them and purchase the end items or there will be little to no economy in Michigan eventually. The State has taken over at least three municipalities thus far.

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