Making Profits on Medical Marijuana

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The dirty little secret here in California is that medical marijuana dispensaries are making a ton of money in profits. Their customers for the most part do not have legitimate doctor’s prescriptions. The huge support groups backing medical marijuana just are not telling the truth. If you pardon the expression, they are just “blowing smoke” trying to convince the public that marijuana is all about the easing of chronic conditions.

In today’s system, it is too easy for anyone to get a prescription for medicinal marijuana. The local dispensaries have a racket with local pot-friendly doctors who write prescriptions for the most questionable reasons. A pain that cannot be pinpointed, the onset of arthritis, or an undiagnosed cancer. All for a cash fee, no paper trail to hold them accountable or insurance to dispute. Therefore, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can go in to a dispensary, say they have pain somewhere, get a referral to a doctor nearby, get their prescription, pay their cash fee and walk out with their pot.

Marijuana is still illegal according to the federal government. However, in California it can be used for compassionate use, a mandate voted on and passed by a slight majority ten years ago. That statue was not to legalize marijuana; it was mandated so that it could be used as a legitimate option for those patients whose legal drugs were ineffective. That statue was not a vote to open the markets up to profiteers looking to sell pot without being arrested.

If California had wanted to legalize pot, we would have. There have been opportunities galore in the last 40 years where pro-marijuana groups have been lobbying. However, the people of California have rejected that legalization vote repeatedly.

No one voted to make marijuana a legitimate industry here in California. Vague language in a badly written statue that should not have been passed in the first place. Medical marijuana dispensaries have become a huge loophole in which illegal users have used to legitimize their marijuana habit.
Philadelphia, PA
59 months ago: AMEN!
Chris D
Chris D
Seattle, WA
59 months ago: Oh, please, you guys.

Medical cannabis is used to alleviate nausea, eye pressure, MS lesions, and a bevy of other symptoms. Simply put, it has legitimate medical uses. If you don't believe that, you're choosing to ignore the truth.

Do you really think that today's California voters don't want to legalize marijuana? Have you paid attention to any news recently?

You say "the people of California have rejected that legalization vote repeatedly." So what?

I say, today, the majority of California voters, about 56 percent, support the idea of legalizing and taxing cannabis.

When it passes in November 2010, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 will:

• Regulate cannabis like alcohol: Allow adults 21 and older in California to posses up to one ounce of cannabis.

• Give local governments the ability to tax and regulate the sale of cannabis to adults 21 and older.

• Generate billions of dollars in tax revenue, annually.


The San Francisco Chronicle -- --
Jillian Gallowa
Jillian Gallowa
Arlington, VA
59 months ago: So what if the dispensaries are making money? Here's an even dirtier little secret, the drug cartels are making even more money out of marijuana than the dispensaries are.

And at least the dispensaries aren't using their money to murder politicians and police officers!

Legalize it, regulate it like alcohol and get rid of the cartels altogether!
59 months ago: A good solution would be to put it on the level of quaaludes, where it is a tracked and controlled substance. I have mixed emotions. The terminally and painfully il should in my opinion have wide latitude in alleviating their pain. But too many people get messed up from recreational drug use. I am disgusted with the dishonesty of those who exploit the presence of those with bona fide medical needs to satisfy their dubious appetites
59 months ago: Okay, first: There is NO such thing as a medical marijuana prescription. It is a written recommendation (Federal law prohibits writing prescriptions for cannabis and other Schedule one drugs).

Second, what credentials or training do you have to question the doctors writing the recommendations? I hate how many big pharma drugs are given to people, but I don't rail against it because highly trained physicians are making the call. You should also be so humble. If you happen to have an M.D. or other medical training, I'll take that one back, but otherwise, keep to what you know.

Also, what is your definition of a profit? Kaiser Permanent had over 600 million dollars in its bank account at the end of the FY 08. Kaiser is a non-profit. What should we do? The head of the Red Cross, another non profit, makes multi-millions in salary. Just because it is non profit doesn't mean money can't change hands, ask the Salvation Army.

Simply put, a profit is that money which is passed through a corporation to the shareholders as dividends. Show me the non profit collective that has done that? You can't. Sure, there are some slim balls taking advantage. Yes. Does that make the MM movement any different, from say, the Catholic Church (buggering little boys on whim) Ted Haggart taking millions and buggering methed up gay boys? Corrupt politicans? Corrupt business people. C'mon, this type of person is endemic in society. We can't put any of these institutions out of business b/c they have a few bad apples. The same should apply to the MM movement.
59 months ago: I am split about this issue. If you look at the top prescription pain killers on the market they have vast deadly side effects if taken over a long duration. The prescription drugs I am talking about is Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and Loritabs. Taken in moderate quantities over a period of time they can range from intestine problems, liver problems and not excluding death.

Medical Marijuana on the other hand does not come with these deadly side effects.
Beverly Hills, CA
59 months ago: I think you have to really look at the pros and cons of legalization and see that the pros are a runaway winner. We would see a huge spike in marijuana/hemp related manufacturing, which is something this country badly needs after becoming basically a service industry with no manufacturer base. We would also see a major rise in tax revenue generated which can help local and state governments pay down some of their out of control debts. Thirdly, we are spending billions policing and jailing harmless marijuana consumers - we could save so much money and let our police do real police work.
59 months ago: In my younger years 40 years ago, I would have voted for it, so every one can use it.

It is true that it has little if no side effects, and as long as you are not driving, it was fun to have sex with it.

But since the federal government does not rule over state law. It is up to the state's voters to decide.

If it is controlled, so little kids can't buy it. I still say you have the right to light UP!!!


Huey Newton
Huey Newton
59 months ago:

'Nuf said.
59 months ago: Your going to have to come up with better reasons that live and let live convince me. Someone is making money on this and I know its not me...
59 months ago: Someone always makes money off of everything and anything which is made illegal.

Right now the prison system is making the most profit.

America has 25% of the world's prisoners.

The corporations that run the prison system, is making more money than any other corporation/s in the world.

Next comes the criminals, and below them are the courts and politicians, and below them are the cops who confiscate all your property under the Rico law.

This will all end when pot, and maybe other not so dangerous drugs are de-criminalized.

The pot is not the cause of the problem

The corporate system is the problem.

[If and When you make apologies for criminals or sociopaths, or corrupt governments and dirty Politicians or protect them or fail to expose the real criminals or real source or real cause of the problem, I will tell you off. I will not care who you are. To me you are fair game.]

San Jose, CA
58 months ago: I got yer dirty little secret right here: "Profit" is the prime motive in a non-communist regime.

As a certificated glaucoma patient I am much happier providing profit to my supplier than I am top supplying the abominable 9.25% sales tax to the state [which is responsible for the $400/Oz black market cost upon which the unconscionable sales tax is applied].

The Federal law against Cannabis is a damned lie "by any measure of rational analysis".

The California law enacted as Prop 215 allows the use of the kind herb for "any condition for which Cannabis provides relief". In my own forty one years of daily Cannabis enjoyment, it has provided relief at various times from ADHD, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, mediocre food, and [the past eight years] the elevated intraocular pressure of glaucoma. It also helped me kick a two+ pack Marlboro habit thirty years ago, which likely saved my life.

Do you or any other mere mortal presume to sort the "legitimate" form the "ab" uses in my or any other adult's choice to indulge in Cannabis?

Bring it.

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