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Last night's American Idol results

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Last night's American Idol results.
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Did you catch American Idol last night? Well, if you didn't, I'll get you right back up to speed. First things first: why do they do those nasty group performances? Nobody likes them! I mean, "I Gotta Feeling" is a horrible song.

As for the individuals, last night on American Idol, the performances were better all across the board. It seemed like people listened to what the judges said, and it made for better American Idol results. If 2010 is going to be a great year for singing, these folks had best shape up and listen to the judges. This isn't a classroom, it's a competition.

Here are the American Idol results for March 4, 2010. We all voted and they gave the boot to these four:

John Park – He hasn't ever really been "on" and his back story isn't that great. Since he's not very memorable, John Park would have needed to have stellar vocals, but he didn't. Sorry, John. You just didn't have what it takes to truly be an American Idol.

Jermaine Sellers – Well, this kid could have done better if he would have just listened to the freakin' judges and picked a better song. Jermaine also gave Simon a bit of bad attitude, so that made him look like a jerk.

Michelle Dellamore – She seemed to have a decent voice, but her song choice was pure crap. Seriously, the entirety of America hates Creed. Choosing a Scott Stapp song was clearly her downfall.

Haeley Vaughn – Finally got the boot. This cute, but tone-deaf chick sucked last week, and picking a Miley Cyrus song for pity votes was probably the worst thing she could have done.

Oh, by the way, I know what you're thinking: Is Crystal Bowersox on American Idol pregnant? No, she was just rushed to the hospital because she got stressed out, and her diabetes acted up. The results of American Idol last night were pretty great, but I'm hoping that the show keeps getting better this season.

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