Lana Clarkson Death Photos

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Chris D
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The Internet is full of Lana Clarkson death photos. It only takes a quick Google Image search to pull them up. Isn’t it interesting that on the eve of the Phil Spector’s sentencing, people are really interested in Lana Clarkson’s photos, especially those from “Barbarian Queen?” Lana Clarkson was no A-list celebrity, but now that she’s dead and gone, a new Lana Clarckson picture could get you top dollar at a tabloid.

There are photos from “Scarface,” Lana Clarkson’s part in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” Barbarian Queen, and from the Lana Clarkson crime scene. Photos have an interesting way of searing themselves into our memory. I mean, do you care if Lana Clarkson’s autopsy report was a suicide or a homicide? Really?

Phil Spector will be in jail for 19 years. He will be 88 years old when he’s eligible for parole, if ever.

Lana Clarkson, a star in her own time, made a bad decision and now, her photos from “Scarface” are going to be immortalized on Google Images forever. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

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