Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison = Weight Loss!?

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Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison...
Written by
Tina W
Portland, OR
"Fat Actress" Kirstie Alley has launched a new weight loss company: Organic Liaison. It sounds intoxicating, and much like Kirstie Alley herself, unique and crazy.

Two years ago, Kirstie Alley quit Jenny Craig's weight loss program and promised she was going to dream up her own way of losing extra pounds. Fast forward to this week: today, Kirstie Alley went on Oprah to unveil "Organic Liaison," her new organic weight loss program.

The site ( promises an "innovative way of liaising people from conventional eating habits." Meaning eat less, and drink our products! Organic Liaison is based on a system of dietary supplements, natural products, and a system of online support. Somehow, Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison is supposed to make losing weight "fun."

I was skeptical, so after a few Google searches, I found out that "Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison" has attracted the attention of Anonymous – those guys who hate Scientology. It looks like they've pulled together a lot of information about Kirstie Alley and her weight loss program. They say that the costs of Organic Liaison (a membership fee and supplements) would go to fund Scientology. Hmm…

The Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison site promises that it's approved by the USDA, which is good, but I don't know. It seems expensive. Organic Liaison starts with a "Rescue Kit," which costs $139, then a monthly membership of $10 or an annual membership of $89. Plus the whole weight loss program is based on organic food, which is NOT cheap.

I don't know. I'm torn on the whole program. If I were you, I'd check out the website and find out if I can afford the whole Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison package before buying into it.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
56 months ago: Great. Here come the next rush. $ people alert.
56 months ago: Thanks for the info, Tina W, and thank you for the intro, TCG.

It show's Kirstie Alley's confidence in the product that she is promoting it even before she has proved it on herself.

However, I do have some concerns.

The real solution to weight control must come from Scientological mastery over Matter, Energy, Space and Time that a high-level Operating Thetan such as Ms Alley must have. Real Scientologists, as masters of the universe, don't need special 'programmes' to remind them to put less fat down their gullets.

Many Scientologists, especially those staff members being rehabilitated for crimes against Scientology, manage to be very slim simply due to their low levels of nourishment, high levels of activity, and inability to procure food.

As L Ron Hubbard discovered, obesity is often linked to a person's undesirably low level on the Scientology tone scale. Mr Hubbard said "[O]besity starts swinging in at 1.3, 1.4; they start to get fat. 1.5 is pretty chunky. 1.5s tend toward being square and that is just one of these rules of thumb that you can't take too seriously, but it's something to be alert to. They have a tendency to be squarely built."

Accordingly, obese people like Ms Alley often really just need to have their tone scale raised through Scientology.

Miss Alley says in her promotion "The word 'liaison' is a French word that means 'a linking up of things or people so that they can work together effectively'". This is a better definition of the word than the French have, I'm sure.

"Organic Liason is founded in science", says Miss Alley. This makes me doubt that the product observes proper religious Scientology principles.

Nevertheless, if I could be sure that the money was really going to Scientology - the one hope this planet has of being saved from the marcabians - and not loading Kirstie Alley's pockets, then I would buy 10 memberships right now.

Check out my articles for more insight into Scientology and weight loss at
56 months ago: Jack wrote:

" "Organic Liason is founded in science", says Miss Alley. This makes me doubt that the product observes proper religious Scientology principles."

I lol'd
54 months ago: If the employees are scientologists, their inefficiency, lack of honesty and uncaring and nonchalant attitude when it comes to customer service do not bode well for the organization. I ordered the product (not cheap for one month's supply) and my card was charged on April 15th with an email said my order had been "processed" and was to be delivered via fedex ground within 2-5 days per the tracking number. I was not given a tracking number, so I called 4 days later to get it. The customer service rep. told me that she could not find it, would look into it the next day, and send me an email. I didn't get an email, so I called again. The next agent also could not find a tracking number and could not tell if the order had been sent to fedex, so she was going to speak with the shipping supervisor the next day. Really? It's not rocket "science" after all - the order was place or it wasn't. When I also didn't get her email, I called again on April 22nd. I requested that they overnight (one of their delivery options) the kit at their cost at the company's cost since the product should have already arrived and I was getting the run-around. No one would admit that the shipment was never sent out. Finally, the item was shipped on the 22nd after my call and did not arrive until April 28th. I called on the 23rd, and said I wanted to cancel my membership. In a snotty tone, the girl told me the order was placed so I could only cancel the next scheduled shipment and in another adolescent manner said "it's not like we did it on purpose." Not one person admitted they made a mistake in not placing the order via fedex or apologized to me. I was curious to see if the organic product was an effective hunger suppressant, but it is not worth the frustration of having to deal with such poor customer service.

Other issues - in order to speak to a person, you have to hang up when you are told all reps. are busy and asked to leave a message - then try about 4-5 more times when someone will eventually answer. You are given the impression that if you put in a type of food, the calories will be automatically calculated - but for 90% of the items, you need to input the calorie content yourself. Finally, the "meal plans" are supposed to include vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian/seafood. Actually, there is no vegetarian plan without seafood, so lacto-ovos don't get a menu that doesn't need to be changed.

I admire Kirstie's tenacity, but the program needs a lot of work.
56 months ago: Saw this earlier today. Went took a look for the product she was hocking and ran into a discussion thread here:

Some interesting info. Some disturbing. Good humor. People should check it out.
56 months ago: JustSomeDude, the link you posted is to a site that no-one should ever read, that seems to support the idea that Scientology is some sort of nasty scam, rather than the greatest super-powered religion of the 21st century.

If you want to work out for yourself whether Scientology is really great, the balanced information you need would come directly from the Church of Scientology itself.
56 months ago: Hi Jack,

I just thought it was interesting. You seem to be a little closer to the subject than I. Maybe you could give me a little insight into why people should look at that site. I mean, they might sometimes be rude and crude (in a funny way) but they seem to give some good info.
56 months ago: People should not look at that site because it is 'entheta' or anti-Scientology. That is, regardless of whether it is true or false, it will tend to give people negative emotions in regard to Scientology, causing people to turn away from Scientology, their only chance to save themselves from, for want of a better word, damnation, and the only chance to save the world from the Marcabians.
56 months ago: Jack, you seem to be "censoring" a site because it conflicts with your religion. Information from all sources is better than just the one you want them to get it from. To only get information from the COS site, and having to pay for much of it would be a failure from the start.

Use all sources in your search for knowledge and beware any religious adherent telling you to only use their approved source.
Content Removed by Johnny Ace
56 months ago: the private personal info you send to Organic Liaisons Kirsties new company is a Scientologist and info can be sent to a third party hope you don't mind being contacted by a Scientoligist.
From Organic Liaison web site
* by email at: or
* by normal mail at: Organic Liaison
Attention: Privacy Statement Personnel
1515 North University, Suite 222
Coral Springs, Florida 33071
* by telephone at: 1 (800) 513-5201

is the same as (google)
Saul B Lipson (a Scientology front company)
Category: Accounting Services
Lipson Professional Group, The
1515 N. University Dr., Ste. 222
Coral Springs, FL 33071-6032
United States
from Organic Liaison web site
2 out of the 5 advisors are Scientologists
Advisory Board
Thomas Lovejoy(scientoligist)
Bob Durst
Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD
Soram Khalsa M.D
Michelle Seward (scientologist)

or read about Dr Soram Khalsa
Quack To the Stars: Dr. Soram Khalsa

the testimonial videos on the site were shot at the Fort Harrison Hotel (Scientology's Flag Base in Clearwater Florida)

Google is your friend (this is a Scientology program)
Content Removed by Johnny Ace
56 months ago: entheta=scientology's version of censorship

anything that is the slightest bit critical of Scientology is labeled "entheta"
which makes it taboo
You are not free to read of look at anything labeled "entheta"
or even discuss it. critical thinking is not allowed.
even discussing anything labeled "entheta" that person can be punished

nothing like being told how to think. for me no thanks, you can keep your censorship.

56 months ago: That sounds a little bit on the paranoid side. Do you have something to back that up?
56 months ago: From the scientology tech dictionary:

entheta: enturbulated theta (thought or life): it especially refers to communications which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or destructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group. See also enturbulated; theta.

Scientologists are taught that Scientology is literally perfect. That it is ultimate truth (and by extension, anything that Hubbard ever said is true). Therefore, to point out an falsehood within scn doctrine or unethical practice is to essentially call Hubbard a liar. The person being told this "entheta" is described as being "enturbulated".

enturbulated: turbulent or agitated and disturbed.

In scn ethics, to enturbulate someone is a crime.
56 months ago: Johnny Ace (good name), the idea of entheta is really just to protect people from information that would upset them and cause them to doubt their religion. Being told how to think and what to think is one of the great attractions of Scientology.
56 months ago: Jack, you're about as much a Scientologist as I am a flaxseed biscuit.

56 months ago: Are you tasty? :D
56 months ago: So, you've just come here to invalidate my religion, have you? You must be the person who decides who is a Scientologist, and who is not?

I hope you don't try to call yourself a Scientologist after that suppressive invalidation.
56 months ago: Troll.
56 months ago: I think it interesting that Kristie, who has control over matter, energy, space and time, has chosen to become a big, fat, tub of lard just like her guru, L.Ron Hubbard. As a preclear I was told not to judge the Operating Thetans. They are so far removed from people like me that there is no understanding how they think. I could stand to lose a few pounds myself and I am going to send my money to Kristie. Even if I don't lose weight, it will lighten my wallet.
56 months ago: I can assure you the Church of Scientology won't be recieving funds for this project Kirstie Alley has presented to everyone. The Church won't be getting the membership money etc, like this article has posted.
56 months ago: And what is your assurance worth? Do you speak for Ms Alley?
56 months ago: Cal-Mag is the basis of their weight loss formula. A blend of Calcium and Magnesium.

This is an OLD calming formula, that you can buy anywhere.

The other so called cure is a colon cleanser that you can buy anywhere.

They are using fraudulent claims of Scientology physical medical treatments, that you learn about in the cult.

These products are no better than the hundreds of calmative and colon cleansers available online.

Most people have from 10 to 40 pounds of caked on KAKA in their intestinal track.

That is a trick that you are being taken for.

Lose 10 pounds of KAKA, and you will think that the product works.

Their basic claim is that sleep helps in weight loss. The calmer you are - the less you will eat. Which is true for nervous eater. But they way that their claim is stated, it is a trick.

That is all there is to these Scientology products.

But now they have your name, phone number and address to contact you.

Now you will never get off their mailing lists and now you will be counted as a Scientologist.

Any person that buys one of their books or products is counted as a Scientology member.

With these prducts they will claim hundreds of thousands of world wide members.



Content Removed by RantRave
56 months ago: ...I can assure you the Church of Scientology won't be recieving funds for this project Kirstie Alley has presented to everyone...

Are you sure about that? The corporate office address for Organic Liaison is:

639 Cleveland St. Suite 345
Clearwater, FL 33755

If you google that address, lo and behold, up comes:

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
639 Cleveland St., Ste. 200 Clearwater, FL

WOW, what a coincidence! Only the suite number is different.
56 months ago: Oh, so it's a WISE front.

Well then, that clinches it - No money what so ever will get funnelled into scn's coffers... Absolutely none, nossir!

I note on the WWP thread that was linked here, that several of the testimonials were from current active members of staff for scn.

I mean seriously, is this woman that strapped for cash that she had to call in slave labour (average Sea Org wages are about $50 for an 80 hour week) to do this stuff?

Fortunately I don't think we'll have to worry about this now - Scientology's name is so bad that it kills off anything found to be associated with it, businesses, careers, staff members etc etc.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
56 months ago: And one floor up so the money can funnel down.
I wonder if the FDA has tested this product.

Seems the USDA has approved it as a agriculture product.
Then again the USDA can approve cow dung as an agriculture product.

Rescue Me, the first ever USDA certified organic weight loss product, is a special formula that helps replenish the valuable nutrients that are sometimes lost when dieting.

Ever ride off road motorcycles in a national park? What in the world does that have to do with this you ask?

USDA once again. USDA approved spark arresters are required on all motorcycles in the national parks.

Now they are into hungry arresters. Wonder who in the White House pushed this USDA farce through. Michelle? Any answer?
56 months ago: Just a bit of advice for people that are thinking of buying scientology products.

Calsium relieves cramps. It does help you sleep. Magnesium relieves tight muscles and tight backs, especially in the morning.

You can go to wal-mart and buy some Psyllium seed husk powder and do just as good of job for colon cleansing.

If you want to lose weight eat 90 alkalaine foods.

That way you won't go on an endless Scientology mailing list.

It is better to stay away from Godless Cults of greed and sin.



56 months ago: "Google is your friend"
never take a Scientoligists word on it.
they are conditioned to lie..or tell "acceptable truths" or just plain lie.

The corporate office address for Organic Liaison is:

Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison: Help & Customer Support

639 Cleveland St. Suite 345
Clearwater, FL 33755

If you google that address,it up comes:same building different Suite

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
639 Cleveland St., Ste. 200 Clearwater, FL

the Building is The World Institute of Scientology!
How about them apples!

Scientoligist work there,they make slave wages at about $50 a week if they are paid at all! why can't a famous actress & millionaire pay folks a living wage?,and has to cult involved in running her new company?

56 months ago: The price of decency is not a Scientology virtue.

All RONBOTS from the top to the bottom, are mind slaves to the "TECH'.

They are programed to obey the TECH or their GOD RON"S policy letters or Holly Scriptures.

The Ronbots act as if anything made by other Ronbots -- is holly and good.

Their world wide agenda is to be the only religion left on Earth, by destroying all other real religions.

Their intent is the total breakdown of family values. To make each Ronbot more obedient to the Godless Cult of Greed and Sin.

Buying their holly product makes you their Ronbot.

I would rather die than buy any product of a fat again, skinny again She-bot. This product is false, just wait and see -- she will gain weight again. Mark my words.


56 months ago: W.I.S.E is an acronym for World Institute of Scientology Enterprises is is a business recruitment arm of the Cult
all businesses Who are affiliated With WISE give 10 to 15% of their profits to Scientology it is very lucrative for the cult.I did google Saul Lipson its a an accountant firm and a member of WISE
so any money they make 10-15% goes to The Church of Scientology
Organic Liaisons Customer service offices
are run out of the W.I.S.E corporate building at another address
Customer Service:
(800) 513-5201
(800) 604-0280 phax
639 Cleveland Street Ste 345
Clearwater, FL 33755

Corporate Office:
639 Cleveland St. Suite 345
Clearwater, FL 33755
in downtown Clearwater so any money they make from Organic Liaison 10-15% goes Directly to Scientology

so yes I guess that means if you buy her product your Supporting the Cult
56 months ago: Kirstie Alley Diet linked to Scientology
interesting info on this site
work checking out before you decide on the diet or if it is safe.
56 months ago: Kirstie Alley vs Scientology, crazy stuff.

But will Organic Liaison actually work? Best to read reviews, news and wait before you try it
56 months ago: I got sucked in to Kirstie Alley's message and made an impulsive purchase on Monday morning. 2 hours later I regretted doing so based on ?'s about donating the funds to Scientology. I called OL to cancel and they told me that it was "all set". That night - I saw the funds were on hold at my bank. I called OL AGAIN Tuesday morning and again I was told - not a problem but that they had to contact "webmaster" in California to make sure that cancellation went through. No call back on Tuesday. In the meantime, I filled out a Customer Support Form with my concerns. Got a call last night from OL customer service with "if there's anything we can do for you" message. Today - saw that funds were processed to the tune of $161.99. Guess what OL Customer Service means is "is there anymore money we can screw you out of". What a bunch of frauds. Brand new company and already showing their unethical, fraudulent stripes. Kirstie - you should be ashamed. I want my money back. I don't even want the product and I'll dump it in the streets if it arrives at my home. 3 days I've given OL the chance to do the right thing and for 3 days I gave them the benefit of the doubt. That is over now.
56 months ago: Eat what you want and take regular exercise. It's not rocket science.
56 months ago: the tune of $161.99...

Scientology snake oil never comes cheap - did you use a debit card or credit card; if you used the latter, you could refuse the shipment and file for a charge-back.
56 months ago: well it seems the people in the Testamonial video were Scientologists and the
photo testimonials were stock photos from!
so all the testimonial were done by paid Scientoligists or made up!
Organic Liaison has altered their site by taking down the photos..and putting up a statements admitting the people in the video were employees and friends

the Site still claims its the first USDA approved product no press releases by the USDA so that claim may disappear too! soon!
seems its proving to be a typical diet scam
56 months ago: I think this $cientology snake oil is about as helpful as this volunteer Scientology minister in Haiti was:

Ellen the Scientology VM admits to looting, err taking water bags stacked from floor to ceiling" in the "radiology department" of a hospital and distributing them to Haitians. No word on whether or not the water was contaminated.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
56 months ago: I had to revist this post after reading Alicia Silverstoned has a new reduction theory.

A must funny read is posted at...


HOLLYWOOD - Professional fat woman Kirstie Alley has emerged from the den where she hibernates with her bratwurst during the winter. Ms. Alley hauled her sagging, cellulite-ridden, 230-pound **** onto the Oprah show last week to pimp her newest weight-loss program: Organic Liaison.
56 months ago: Gawker Now asks the question
Is Kirstie Alley's New Weight Loss Program a Scientology Scam?
Philadelphia, PA
56 months ago: Finding the right href="">Weight Loss Program can be really hard. You need to find one that would fit with your daily lifestyle. There are so many different options when it comes to picking a plan. I think the most easy plan is something that allows you to count your calories and log them in a journal. I found this really great website that offers some really useful weight loss tips. I hope it helps you on your weight loss journey.
Fairless Hills, PA
55 months ago: When choosing the right diet plan, I believe that a well balanced diet revolves around eating healthy and maintaining a workout regiment that best fits your body type. If you are looking to count your calories and keep track of what you are eating, head over to and try the free weight loss programs and tips to help you jump start your diet and a healthier new you! Good luck dieters!
55 months ago: It is happy to see your posting. Yes really informative article. I will tell this information again to my friend, oh yes I suggest you to check my blog on , I hope the article on my blog will be usefull for you… and we can share each other. thank you… ;-)
54 months ago: As always the Godless Cult of greed and Sin has fooled many into buying another one of their scams.

You are just asking to be taken for all your money.

They are trained by the tech, to know how to steal and make you donate to their frauds.

I rather take the word of a politician or the word of a Gypsy fortune teller, or the world of a greedy used car salesmen, than the word of a Ronbot.

When you buy something or anything from them, they list you as another scientologist.

They now have the name of another Scientologist (you) to prove to the world, how fast Scientology is growing.

I tell it like it is, I pull no punches, tell no lies, and I am as I am


54 months ago: I think we are missing the point here. Whether or not this is a scientology company or not is one thing. Whether it works or not is an entirely different thing. First, according to Wikipedia, Kirsty Alley gave $5 million to scientology recently, so whether it is a scientology company or not, money you give to her goes to them, so no need to argue if it is or isn't a scientologist front.
More importantly though from a weightloss point of view, is the claims that the diet makes... They are absurd. There is no evidence to suggest her collection of 'organic' ingredients does anything to help with weightloss. While she developed this product she gained weight at a startling rate. Is she suggesting that for 2 years she developed this product but never tried it out!?!? Get serious! As well, now she is drinking her ridiculous pink drink, she has hired a personal trainer, has her own indoor gym, goes to fitness spas and has started PX90... Any one of those would result in major weightloss for anyone. Is she going to claim that it is the drink?
I love the comment above that suggests that because Kirsty Alley says it is backed by science it must be... There is no science section on her website and she says there is... there is no science to any of this... WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK THIS WOULD WORK?? Why pay money for something that is so lazy in its claims?!?!?
As well, all that the USDA is certifying is that it is organic. Not that it is a weight control product, because the USDA doesn't certify that, the FDA would and you will notice that she has the disclaimer that none of her statements are FDA approved... I am sure what you are getting from her is organic, but it won't help in weightloss... Isn't that the point?
Cape Neddick, ME
54 months ago: Quality Assurance International (QAI)does Organic Certification
they have a searchable data base Organic Liaison is NOT LISTED!
which means its never been certified.
and the disclaimer on the OL site is a big red flag.

there is also a disclaimer on the testimonial videos in tiny print saying that all the people in the testimonials are friends
So your getting biased opinions that are represented in the testimonials.
(the Guy with the goatee is Her TV co-star.Chubby Buddy,Handman and New Organic Liaison spokesperson JH) Jim Hazel

now they are offering additional products for they want you to buy if the $1700 a year isn't enough.

vitamins are not necessary in a diet if you eat healthy with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

regular vigorous exercise and a healthy diet help you loose weight,

Detox Diets are psudo science and quackery

all this should tell you they are trying way to hard to convince you that it works. while operating deceptively

Consult your Doctor for Diet advice its cheaper.
Cape Neddick, ME
54 months ago: Name: Bob Johnson
Date: 04 May 10
Phone: 323 289 2258
This is in Division Six and is a Sr Executive position, this person needs to possess a make it go right attitude, to be a part of a fast pace growing company.

Knowledge of social media is needed, ability to multitask and manage a growing Division. A PR personality is a must, willing to put in the extra time to complete vital activities and success of projects. Is able to write press releases and create marketing programs online contests, games, PR events etc.

the above advertisement is from
RAZZLINE is an exclusive Jobs Board for Scientologists!
Regular Public Need Not apply.
thats where you will find the only job listings for Organic Liaison

Bob Johnson is the * Organic Liaison
Chief Administrative Officer
and also a Scientoligist!

the words Division SIX to a Scientologists means Division 6 is responsible for attracting new Scientologists

L RON HUBBARD wrote a lot about Division Six and its purpose, he was a blow-hard and long-winded. and a crappy writer

I can sum it up in one word RECRUITMENT

52 months ago: The last way I'd describle Kirstie is intoxicating. That woman needs to seriously just love herself the WAY SHE IS. And get off television. I'm sick of her.
50 months ago: Oh great, just what we need... a woman who knows nothing about weight loss and is hideously unsuccessful at it to be running a weight loss company. If stopped dreaming of donuts and dollar signs, I think she'd actually get somewhere in her life.
Indianapolis, IN
50 months ago: Personally I've had a lot of success with the free diet plan at Between diet and exercise, you're good. Never really had much faith in diet pills or drinks.
Cape Neddick, ME
49 months ago: photo featuring Kirstie and her Italian man is heavily photo shopped
looking at the original twitter pic
using Firefox addon EXIF viewer, it reveals 15 major edits
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh was used as well as person doing the editing (Troy Plata) professional photographer

Weight loss through photoshop

find the firefox add on here
45 months ago: I am Scientologist.

The article that started this thread is actually a nice one, I did not know about that program of Kirstie and I do wonder on what it is based. Anyway, the website looks pretty professional and I see she has organized some good public relation, that must be true, because so much rant and rave is going on about that product and her weight loss methods.

Even as Scientologist, I don't see, I am sorry, how that program is related to Scientology, really hard to understand, but who knows maybe it is.

Only for your information, Scientology is not about weight loss, I mean everyone may rant, but I did not read in Scientology books nothing about that. Except that one thing which I will mention on the end.

The true information about what Scientology is, may be found here:

And I may also recommend this blog of mine:

One thing I would like to mention on Kirstie's program is this one:

Release Me® is an advanced formula of calcium and magnesium that helps to calm the nervous system so that your body can fully relax. Made into a tea at the end of the day or served alone, Release Me assists to remineralize the body with a formula created for rapid absorption.

This product sounds similar to me to one of products being sold in the pharmacies and health stores, also called Cal-Mag, a mixture of calcium and magnesium, and products by similar names are used in the Scientology's procedure for clear mind and clear body, also called and known as purification rundown.

More about the Purification Rundown may be found here:

42 months ago: Control, knowingly and at will, over bacon, cream, fries and pizza.

By the way, I decided not to join.
39 months ago: Kirstie is a beautiful lady and multi talented. She had a lot of guts to go on DWTS and get in shape as she did. People say a lot of terrible things about her and call her names, but she is laughing all the way to the bank.
Everybody takes on ventures and there are a lot of phony diet trends. Who cares.
Cape Neddick, ME
36 months ago: who cares.... Only Her Scientology Pals ...who have invested into her scam and treat it like a division 6 project

36 months ago: I don't agree with Scientology either.
I really have no use for it.
I look at her talent and that's it.
I think people make too big of an issue out of celebrities anyway, and I have met many.
Although, I don't think it is right to call people names and be hurtful, especially one should not throw stones if they themselves live in glass houses.
Princeton, NJ
34 months ago: This diet is a waste of money. It's non-refunadable and a promo for the egotistical Kirstie, whose name and picture is plastered on everything. I had this sent to my office, but with her name on the box, no privacy that I am dieting. The Nightangale is the vilest thing I've ever taisted and the Release Me is in second place for that. The Rescue Me a a farce for getting you to drink extra water. It takes like watered down carnberry juice but at least it's edible. Anyone eating organic food, drinking 100 oz of liquid and eating 1200 calories a day can lose weight without making Kirstie richer. The non-retrun policy sucks, as does the product. DO NOT BUY THIS!!

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