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Kate Gosselin:The mother of the decade she will never be

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It would appear that Kate Gosselin's children are of no use unless they are moneymakers. After her stint on Dancing with the Stars, she will be given another show with 12 episodes a season.

This show will require her to travel around the country so I cannot imagine she will be toting all those kids with her. Her recent complaints about her ex-husband Jon seem shallow and without much merit because apparently a job locally so she could be with the kids was not ever an option for the queen of pimping moms.

This might very well spawn another show for her Kate less eight where she travels around pimping herself out to find someone who might get her pregnant so she can make another dozen in order to keep up with the Duggar's.

The woman who supposedly said she never wanted to be famous has now written a book, had a television show based upon having her kids and being married to a husband without a backbone enough to tell her no in the first place. This whole thing from the beginning as a father of twins myself nauseates me those children are not freaks and should not be used to profit for the mom who wants to be famous.

What will she wind up doing for her next trick besides complaining he is not paying child support as she gets a new twenty thousand dollar hairstyle/weave installed? If she has no money, where does all this money and availability come from those kids need a parent especially with a divorce in the works?

They don't need their mom running about the country trying to have her fifteen minutes of fame extended to a nauseating time frame on TLC's dime they need her being home as a MOM. Those poor kids need parents not their grandparents raising them as Mommy and Daddy try to have their own careers in show business they would not have even gotten started if were it not for having those poor children.,,...
Broken Bow, OK
55 months ago: Heh, good point. The woman is a stuck up snob who's had a taste of the good lid in show biz, and wants more and more. Bad thing is, people actually watch her shows, and get some sick form of entertainment from this woman. I don't get it... *sigh* It'll all blow over, some time.
55 months ago: And now she defends her choice claiming she has to work harder. She's not working at the local Mall....

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