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Iron Chefs cook White House SCAMellini

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The Cypress Gang
Food Networks Iron Chef America Series recently aired it's most viewed episode. Hyped for months and promoted to maximise viewership the episode on January 3rd earned the network it's highest rated show with 7.6 million viewers.

The problem is it was a SCAM. The Iron Chefs did not use the required "Secret Ingredient". The White House Garden is at the epicenter of this promotion disaster.

The 2 hour special begins with Michelle Obama making a cameo appearance where she sets the shows "Secret Ingredient" as anything from the White House Garden.

The Chef's are seen picking vegetables from the White House Garden. The White House vegetables never made it to the show. Due to a time delay in the actual taping of the cook off the network used stunt vegetables.

The network or the Iron Chef's did not state that the "Secret Ingredient" was given away to a food pantry until pressed by a breaking story on

"As we have told reporters who have covered this story from the beginning, due to the production delay between the shoot at the White House and the shoot at Food Network, the produce used in Kitchen Stadium during the "Super Chef Battle" was not actually from the White House garden," Krueger said in an e-mail to

The White House Executive Chef, Cristeta Comerford, competed in the cook off. The White House connection was to promote healthy eating. As stated on the official White House blog Chef Comerford confirms the "Secret Ingredient" was the White House garden.

Does the Food Network, Iron Chefs and the White House have more than egg or pie on their face?
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
57 months ago: They probably using Teflon still. Egg or pie won't stick.
But as we all know, Teflon breaks down when subjected to excessive heat. We are starting to see a few big flakes. Keep turning up the heat.
57 months ago: Are you trying to indict Michelle Obama or perhaps the President as the secret producer of the TV show, and that she or the President connivingly used "stunt vegetables" to put one over on the unsuspecting foodies?

Of course if you want to compare First Lady PR stunts, there was nothing like Laura Bush extending the fig leaf to Muslims at the Al Aqsa Mosque as hubby was waging his trillion dollar wars in Iraq and the Guantanamo prisoner torture scandal was fresh off the press.

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