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I hate Beth Ditto

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Beth Ditto is so wrong about Katy Perry, she basically said that Katy Perry offended the gay culture, in the song "I Kissed A Girl" Sorry but I have got the lyrics of that song and they are not offensive to any culture! So what if Katy Perry basically says that she would rather be with a woman than a man! I know Beth Ditto is gay, but she can barely sing or even carry a note, has a fat arse the size of england, always wears slutty clothes and music is only aimed at the straight community! Personally I would say to Katy Perry, rock on you're doing amazing! & as for Beth Ditto, loose four/five stone in weight or get out of this universe and go to planet fat n ugly.
Philadelphia, PA
65 months ago: Amen.

Americans love to be offended (especially for others!). Also, when people like Al Sharpton and Beth Ditto step onto their soap box and scream, they get a ton of publicity.

Furthermore, shouldn't this ditto woman be more concerned with the discrimination of homosexuals by government? Seems to me this song just makes homosexuality more mainstream, it's more of a positive than a negative.
65 months ago: why is this of any signifigance?...oh wait so is the adam lambert topic. nevermind.
65 months ago: Wait. Do you really think the song "I kissed a girl" is about being gay or a girl liking kissing other girls better than a man???

Cuz I thought it was just about a girl at a bar experimenting with kissing another girl... and happening to like it. Not that she's totally gay now. She has a boyfriend in the song (who I guarantee doesn't mind if she kisses another girl!) and she just wanted to give kissing another girl a shot. Which she happened to like.

I can honestly say that if a girl kisses another girl just for the heck of it, that does not automatically make her gay.

I really don't think the song has anything to do with the gay community. My two cents.
Auburn, NY
65 months ago: That damn Beth Ditto. She's always in the thick of controversy.
Middle River, MD
65 months ago: I totally agree with you on everything Rainbow. I thought the same things when I read the article about Beth getting pissed at the Katy's "I kissed a girl" song.

Another thing that bugs me about Beth is the fact that she is always so damn dirty looking. So, she wants to be a bigger girl then more power to her I guess but there is no reason to look so sloppy and disgusting. Having self-confidence is beautiful but Beth Ditto takes it to the extreme and turns it into ugly. It gives me even more of reason to not take her seriously.

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