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To earn a little extra cash, I signed up to be a substitute crossing guard for my neighborhood. After a thorough background check (including finger-printing) to make sure it was okay to allow me around children, I got the job and was put on call.

I had the opportunity to do the job at one corner for three weeks. The corner in question serves as the bus stop for the high school, junior high school, elementary school, two private schools, and the tech school. At the adjacent corner is a Catholic school. So I have the opportunity to cross a lot of children for the four and a half hours per day I am there.

What I don't understand is, how any driver can miss me in my flourescent vest, standing in the middle of the intersection, holding up a big stop sign. I am not wearing day glo because I look good in it (I don't); and I am not holding up a big stop sign in the middle of the street for my health. It is because there are children crossing the street. But the motorists still go through the intersection!

It takes the youngest children perhaps 10 seconds to cross the street. Are people in such a hurry any more that they can't wait the 10 seconds until I clear them to go? Drivers also have ignorned the school bus' flashing red lights and stop sign that swings out.

I am not a morning person, and have found myself quite amazed at these people. I have even contemplated throwing my stop sign at them. I wonder if that would get thier attention?

I know we all have done something regarding driving that isn't following the rules...we have all done 35 in a 25 zone, maybe even gave the stop sign a jerk of acknowledgement instead of a full stop. But when you see a crossing guard, realize that there will be CHILDREN crossing that street. Would you want YOUR child to be endangered by a driver who can't spare 10 seconds?
19 months ago: Honestly? There are a number of reasons for it: They are not paying attention and miss the school zone signs, do not know the rules of the road, fail to obey traffic signals, are in a rush to go no where and my personal favorite: to stupid to be driving in the first place. Driving is a privilege and not a right. But then a fool doesn't realize they are a fool until the day they die or kill someone. Then it becomes... maybe I shouldn't have done that. But then I think people should have to sit and watch a video on what this kind of driving costs in life.

Watching a person burn alive screaming with nothing they can do, decapitation, dismemberment and listening to a person scream from traumatic wounds I think would get the point across much better. But then I am a advocate of mandatory defensive driving and instruction prior to issuing of a license.
Eugene, OR
19 months ago: Good idea Nethel. I was took defensive driving about 40 years ago. The Forest Service required all of their drivers to take the class, and it has served me well. I was also trained as a traffic control supervisor so know the hazards of distracted and unthinking drivers. I think things like cell phone use and texting while driving are very dangerous. It is bad enough when people drive on autopilot but it is nuts when people drive through school zones without thinking.

That is why you are so necessary Mom, and thanks for doing what you do. You would think that with the marked crossing and all of the signs that people would slow down and be cautious and stop for kids, but there are always idiots around that don't pay attention.

I think if I were in your place and a person was getting ready to run you or some kids over, that throwing the sign might get their attention before they hit someone, but you would no doubt loose your job if you did.

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