HR Managers Are The Unemployed’s Roadblock

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News that hiring slowed or even has come to a standstill in the last month or so is not news to the millions of Americans like me that deal with this every week. While job sites like and have thousands of job listings, how many are actually hiring?

Last year just before the Holiday Season, I applied to no less than 12 different jobs at three different Toys R Us stores. I was denied all of them. I got one rejection e-mail just a few minutes after I had applied. Undaunted, I recalled that I had an old e-mail from Dan Caspersen, VP HR at Toys R Us from months before when I had complained about how I was treated in one of their stores. At that time he expressed how sorry he was he wanted to call me about it. He never did. I e-mailed Dan and other TRU executives hoping that they might help me and I might get a job with them. They never responded.

Then there is Robert Howell, HR Manager for SED International, a computer distributor. I applied online for a job they had posted on their own web site. After days of follow up phone calls and e-mails that went unanswered I went to the local office and got no further than the receptionist. Keep in mind that I have a list of over 800 customers that have bought from me at a similar position at my former employer and maybe I thought, SED would hire me and those customers might buy from them. So, I e-mailed the CEO and asked why I was being ignored. He asked Robert Howell who replied, "To be considered for employment you must apply to a specific position posted by SED International. We just don't random resumes." The fact that I had applied to a specific position posted on their own web site seemed to be lost on Mr. Howell.

Lastly there is Julie E. Vergara, a headhunter for Sanford Barrows Group. They are a staffing agency and I knew the ad that they posted was at my former job Tiger Direct, even though they did not mention the name. I did not expect to get that job, but I did hope that they would read my Résumé and find another job that that they were staffing. I guess not as she replied "We do not have any other positions that match your experience at this time." Really? I thought a staffing company with no jobs that I was qualified for? Either Tiger Direct is their only client or she was lying to me. I'm not sure which, but I bet if I checked their web site I would find other jobs I could do.

Dan, Robert and Julie are all the same, just like every other HR Manager out there. Like so many others that are unemployed I run into HR Managers like them every week. I also know that being 50 and unemployed more than 2 years does not help. I know that I, like so many others, am being discriminated against.

If our economy is to ever turn around we will need jobs. But what do you do when the people in HR that control the jobs will not hire you? What do you do when they ignore you even when you may be the most qualified for the job?

There is little I can do. To use a baseball metaphor, all I can do is stand at the plate and keep swinging at what they pitch, eventually I'll get a hit and maybe even a home run.

Sooner or later I will find a job.
40 months ago: I hope you find something Cully. They got us everywhere we turn. My family has been going through the same thing. Only big business at this point that is doing well is Health Care and pharma.
These recruiters call and say they have the perfect job for you and you never hear from them. My experience with HR is that they are inexperienced and shouldn't be given that power to interview. Usually, these companies hire from the inside. They advertise to the public because they are required to, but they hire inside people.
38 months ago: Yesterday I applied to and was not accepted for, 10 different positions at Spirit Halloween Superstore, a seasonal division of Spencer's Gifts that open stores in malls before Halloween.

Apparently, I'm not good enough to sell Halloween costumes, despite that fact that I dress up for Halloween most years and have several costumes in my collection. Really? I'm that horrible and unskilled a person that I can't do an $8.00 an hour job 40 plus hours a week for two months? Of course not, I'm a seasoned professional and far above the level of employee that they hire for these stores. Yes, I would work for $8.00 an hour and give better customer service than the clueless 20 something's they hire.

However, according to the girl in Spencer's HR that called me, my answers are not good enough according to the "computer" that scans them. So don't bother with Résumés or giving References, the "computer" does not care and the humans running the computer don't seem to care either.

At least they called me back. Of course it was after I posted on their Facebook and Twitter pages and sent them an E-mail via their Contact page. Still it sucks that potential employees are treated this way.

Oh well I'm still swinging for the fences and I'll get a job one day, I hope.
38 months ago: That's terrible, Cully.
Everyone hiring is drunk with power lately. The younger they are the less skill they have to choose good people.
The computers scan words, and if that particular word isn't on your resume, it rejects it.
I'm going to school for this medical and although I am acing it, which surprises me, I' worry about getting work.
You can have all the education in the World, and if this economy has thrown you for a loop, it is tough. We are going through this too. That's why I get mad when people say GET A JOB you're lazy. That really drives me insane. Some people have the ability to contribute more than others and are responsible hard workers, but they don't get it because they get a pay check.
38 months ago: I was not going to bother to even post about Spirit Halloween until they called me a told me it was the "computer" that did not like my answers. I'm twice as old as their age demographic, but unlike most of today's youth, I have a stronger work ethic and certainly more talent. It's clearly age discrimination, but good luck getting the EEOC to do anything about it.
38 months ago: I don't know where the others are, but this subject strikes a sour note with me.
Yes, it is discrimination but the Government won't stop it. They can do something about it. Most people with ethics and talented are finding it harder to get the right work. The economy is going to stay as it is if they don't start hiring people who want to work and are good workers.
Something has to break sooner or later.

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