Got green tea milkshake?

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Hurry! Give me some green tea leaves!
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Raw Michelle
While browsing the Internet I stumbled upon a recent article that covers the beneficial impact of green tea on obesity. Well, 'no news there' was my first reaction, this has been covered before, and thanks to commercials, at least "antioxidant" has become a rather well known word.

For anyone even remotely interested in health and healthy foods (or beverages in this particular case, as chewing green tea leaves its not a very popular practice, at least in my part of the world), the advantages of green tea consumption on a regular basis should be pretty well known. It contains a number of substances like tocopherols, vitamin C, minerals, salubrious polyphenols, acts as an antioxidant and can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, fight cavities and cholesterol, counter obesity both in relation to body fat levels and body weight, help in ailments like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's and improve overall cognitive function.

Practically a super plant that can only make the day of those of us that are paying attention to their bodily needs and are interested in healthy foods.

The researchers involved in this particular study fed two groups of mice with the same high fat content food and in equal quantities, while adding Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (or EGCG, a compound found in most green tea varieties) to the diet of only one group. The results showed that the mice that had been served the equivalent of a few cups of tea gained weight at a 45% slower rate than the mice in the other group. This also led to the conclusion that the EGCG supplement helped with both reducing the absorption of fat and increasing the ability to burn it.

Yet, as I said before, experiments involving mice and green tea have already been done in the past . So what caught my attention with this particular one? This experiment stands out in that it was carried out on overweight mice.

While other studies have been conducted on lean mice and proved that green tea can help control body weight gain, this time it was the fat mice that went under scrutiny, and the results were thus more relevant for humans, as researchers stated that we often start considering dietary changes only when confronted with obesity problems. So this is great news for those of us who are just beginning to pay more attention to the food we ingest and to our bodies.

The other part that caught my attention was milkshakes. That was the high fat content food that was fed to the mice (lucky bastards). And that has also been my number one enemy when it comes to trying to stay on a diet. So, obviously, my interest levels were significantly elevated by this little detail. All the milkshakes I could want, plus a few cups of tea, and the problem seems solved.

However, my moment of realization only came later. While green tea will help with slowing down the process of absorbing fat, it does not mean it will totally prevent it. Drinking green tea in any (physically possible) quantity will only help you put on fat more slowly, but it won't prevent you from gaining any weight.

So a self aware lifestyle that includes lots of fresh, raw, organic foods ( ) and exercise is still your best bet for that awesome appearance and peak physical condition. I guess those hoping for a miraculous superfood that magically melts away body weight will have to wait a bit longer. But for now, scientists promise that a few cups of green tea per day will definitely help those of us looking to shed some extra pounds.
Eugene, OR
36 months ago: Good post. I also liked the link to raw foods.

I went to a workshop about raw foods and diabetes and it showed a film about a study group of diabetics that were put on this diet and monitored. Most were able to eliminate their medications (type 2 anyway) within 3 weeks. Loosing weight and feeling better was a good side effect.

Tough to stay on it though.

I think the best use for tea is as a substitute for sodas and other sugary high carb/calorie drinks. Then in addition to the fat blocking qualities, you would actually be cutting down on the calories and thus your weight and blood sugar would go down.

36 months ago: Green tea also helps people with difficulty breathing at night, but you have to see what works best. You get a better night's rest. I find the tea to be relaxing.

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