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Gosselin children expelled from school now homeschooled

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Gosselin's in Alaska with Sarah Palin
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I think the failed parenting of the media frenzied Kate Gosselin has become very prominent as of late. Two of her eight kids were expelled from a private school in Pennsylvania. This was according to reports over alleged fighting and bullying which the family is claiming are "grossly overstated".

During this time when bullied kids are, committing suicide I would not want to be a person who claims that their children's fighting and bullying is overstated. In addition, given the failed family this had been ruined by the fame brought on by making money off the ability to procreate multiples more than once. Having the ability to have twins and then sextuplets should never be a reason to make any family famous. *Note that the other multiple families that have been on a reality show lately are already struggling to keep their family together as well.

The amazing thing in this case is it wasn't the just the boys who were expelled actually it was a boy and a girl. And now these poor children will be home schooled by a Mom who is always on the road for publicity tours, reality shows such as the new Sarah Palin short series (her and kids are on this one). Not too, mention what other things may be in play for the once homely Mom of eight.

This says a lot of her parenting skills as she claims that her ex-husband John is not much of a parent although it has been months since I have anything regarding him. She on the other hand has been on the cover of People for being "fit" despite already having a tummy tuck on television as part of the original reality series. Bravo for being healthy but maybe she might want to pay a bit more attention to the children instead of dancing on TV or doing publicity tours.

I wish those children well as they are being raised by nannies and grandparents a great deal of the time since Mom is on the road and Dad is only home part of the time. They will hopefully find a way to stay out of the spotlight before their lives take a drastic turn into an E news special about failed child stars.


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