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Girls Beware of Social Dating Sites

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I'm not Dear Abbey, and I am happily married, but if you are looking to meet someone, you don't have to be drawn to these dating social sites to find the right guy. The chances are you won't find them and are leaving yourself vulnerable and open to be hurt. How do I know this you ask? Women all come and talk to me about their experiences that usually wind up bad, and they cry their eyes out. They never want to hear any good advice beforehand and suffer the consequences later on. You can't talk them out of it in the beginning.

There are predators everywhere you turn on these sites. The one you may like who sounds very polite and nice may be your worse nightmare. When you are hesitant about them, they usually show resentment and the loser comes out. Probably better to stay close to home. From what I have been told from single women, these men are crazy. Be aware what you are getting into from strangers. We were taught at a young age not talk to strangers and here we are talking to them online because the chances of people meeting is slim. You never know who they really are.

Women have had bad experiences finding that people are not what they seem to be and put themselves at risk. Men on these sites will lie to get what they want from you and the sad thing is that women are quickly taken in and believe these guys out of desperation because they are lonely. Women worry about their biological clock running out because they want children, and they look anywhere to find love and marraige. I heard some horror stories and most of these men are married or single stalkers so watch out. The married ones go back to their wives, but while they are attentive to you, they will bash their wives. How low is that? Then you are the one used and left alone from deceit. Don't be taken in by the advertisements on television showing how easy it is to find someone and you find your match. Not so! People are misleading on their profiles to draw you in and some of these sites are expensive and take all your money.

I'm settled, but I go out to eat at a local diner where most of the town's people go. I even found old friends I graduated with. Sometimes I don't want to cook and the heat wave has not helped, but I love the salads there. The people who gather here are friendly and home town people who look to communicate. More than not you can see they are good people. Of course, you still have to find that right one and always be cautious. These people in town have been home grown and usually went through the school system and are members of the local churches. Surprising how many are around. It has to be a local home town diner. The diners are less formal and everyone socializes. I wouldn't suggest any on the highway. Stick close locally to home.

Girls, this is where I know the guys are. Men love to eat good food, so they gather in the home town diners where the waitress knows them and feeds them almost every day and night. I will add she makes great tips. These guys have jobs and look healthy and strong, so at least you see first hand what you may be getting. You know that they are single because they look to have a good meal and don't sit in the booths but sit at the counter. They have nobody to cook for them, so they hang out there. No rings on their fingers and everyone knows them. I try not to notice, but I can't help to see that these guys are looking to meet people, but in a good way. It's interesting to see this going on.

I guess I'm saying try and stay away from these dating nightmares online that can be a threat. I don't believe I've ever seen a legitimate dating site. There are church groups to join – even a choir. Friends can introduce you to new people, but take your time. There are other places closer to home to find a match where people get together. Sometimes you can find the right person on a job. I always thought it wasn't good idea, but I see at times some good unions can come from it. You have to beware of sexual harassment on jobs. It is risky to get involved. All in all I see some pretty sad things happen from dating sites. Stay away if you can.

The photo is from Soul Mate. What a joke that is.

15 months ago: Good Job Sunny !:]
15 months ago: Thanks.
I hate to see anyone taken in.
14 months ago: That is very good advice Sunny.
14 months ago: Edward, I care about people who get pulled into situations because they are naive or feel alone and will settle for anything out there. Some men will have the same problem if they are looking for a real relationship. I find the women most likely to get in over their heads.
Some of these sites make women a target and victims. Many of the guys portray themselves as law officials, and they aren't. Others cry about their wives and how they are neglected by them, but after they have their fun and use women, they run right back to their wives.

A woman came on one of the other threads when she was invited by email from RR, and instead of showing she had something litgimate to offer, her only purpose was to put down Truth and me. She made remarks about this article here and said YIKES. She didn't explain. I felt she had no other purpose and found it to be down right catty. Who needs that!

Out of all the good that RR does or can help someone out there, she starts bragging about being an advocate of Gay Rights. I asked if she had anything to say, and she immediately disconnected but made a big "Grand Exit" and called me backward. She had no imput. It causes friction and doesn't help anyone or anything.

Name calling doesn't mean anything to me because I take it from the source.
People like that do more damage than good. They aren't real or honest. They care about "Titles" but aren't actively involved in anything.
14 months ago: If her actions were an example of advocacy for other people, she certainly didn't show it. People who truely work in these fields, don't behave that way. They support not breakdown.
14 months ago: IT WOULD BE VERY CONSTRUCTIVE IF YOUNG PEOPLE COULD READ YOUR POST!! The Bible say's you can trust no one only God!

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