Don't judge the Canadian women's hockey team celebration!

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Good job, Canadian women's hockey team!
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The headlines about the Canadian women's hockey team celebration after they won the gold are silly (and sexist?) – if it were the men's hockey team, we probably wouldn't have heard a peep from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). So the Canadian women's hockey team drank some champagne and had a few beers. Big deal. It's not like they were shooting up heroin on the ice.

Check out the photos of the Canadian women's hockey team celebration on the left. Looks like some good old-fashioned fun to me. Hey, if you've just won a freakin' Olympic gold medal, you deserve to have a victory cigar. Am I right?

I love the tone in the Canadian women's hockey team's "apology statement."

"The members of Team Canada apologize if their on-ice celebrations, after fans had left the building, have offended anyone."

Basically, the Canadian women's hockey team is saying "shove it" to the IOC. Why are they on their high horse, anyways? Since when does "Olympic" mean "old-fashioned morals," anyways? Remember the story that each and every Olympic competitor was
issued 14 condoms

The only shameful thing that happened during the Canadian women's hockey team celebration is their consumption of crappy beer: Molson's is forgivable, because, well, they're Canadian, but Coors Light? Really? That's what they chose to celebrate an Olympic gold medal win over the Americans? I'm slightly disappointed, Canadian women's hockey team. But we still love you!
56 months ago: Ok so you may say this is sour grapes because I am an American. If this were the American women doing the same thing, I would comment the same. I don't usually go on blogs or comment on much of anything but this really got to me. There are so many people complaining that womens hockey may not be considered for the olympics anymore. This is a pretty good reason to back that up. The olympics are supposed to be wholesome and the athletes are supposed to be role models for children who wish to become athletes. You see this type of behavior from pro athletes and I still think it is disgusting. It is tough enough for women to be considered for inclusion in the male world. Why you would want to show them that you have no class (by drinking and smoking in public) and that younger girls should behave like this is beyond me. I think that what they did on the ice was wrong and they should be ashamed of themselves.
56 months ago: I think it's an overreaction too BUT there's a double standard here. If you recall, American bronze medial winner Scotty Lago was run out of town for celebrating his victory in town and having a racy (not really) picture taken.
According to USSA President Bill Marolt, "Scotty Lago is a great athlete, but with that comes a responsibility of proper conduct, and his involvement in this situation is not acceptable." pfttt!!!

In this homer hockey case, we got underage drinking and general buffoonery going on at the venue and we're suppose to lighten up.

Either we got a double standard for American vice Canadians or a double standard for men vice women. Lago needs to be invited back.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
56 months ago: I want to know if anyone used their supplied condoms.

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