Did Tiger Woods Overdose?

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New Orleans, LA
For reals? TMZ is reporting a Tiger Woods overdose? Those guys have sources everywhere!

When Tiger was admitted, he listed “William Smith” as his name, and his wife gave the doctors his prescription pill bottles – Vicodin and Ambien.

Apparently, the hospital’s admissions chart lists “OD” as the reason the golfer was sent by ambulance to Central Hospital in Florida. Blogs are reporting some crazy stuff; like that the Tiger Woods overdose was a suicide attempt.

Obviously, the whole situation is really screwed up. The guy cheats on his wife, she tries to clock him with a golf club, and he’s loaded up on drugs? What happened to this guy’s squeaky-clean image? I guess that’s a celebrity for you… fake as Heidi Montag’s smile.

Of course, this whole Tiger Woods overdose thing could just be hyperbole or even a mistake on the doctor’s chart. Did anyone think of that?

In related news, Tiger Wood’s mother-in-law was just released from the hospital. She’d been admitted earlier with stomach pains, and the doctor says it was probably just a mild case of food poisoning. No big deal.

OK. That’s enough about Tiger today, unless he drops dead in the next few hours.

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