Did Giant People Ever Walk The Earth ?

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Dwayne Johnson
This is probably a stupid question that probably belongs with those that deal with trolls, aliens and fairies, but I'll ask it anyway. Did giant people ever walk the earth? Up until very recently the scientific community was pretty much in agreement that miniature humans never walked the earth either, that is until they found an entire Island community's remains of fully proportionate people that were no higher than 2 feet tall. So the question needs to be asked, at least I think it does.

I ran across several internet sources (You know how reliable those can be!) that all assure their viewers that yes they in fact have walked the earth in times past. There supposedly have been many archeological digs that have produced the bones of people some seven, eight even nine feet taller than humans today. One website purports that the largest human height ever recorded to have existed is an unimaginable 36 feet tall. That is almost as high as a four story building!

Can this be? The advocates for this theory say that archeologist and institutions of higher learning all around the world have archived evidence of this fact. A fact that has been well hidden from the public record. This could well be just another conspiracy theory except for the fact that it is actually physically possible for humans to grow taller than 7 feet in height. Pituitary disorders as well as chromosomal anomalies both can contribute to humans that don't stop growing.

But that is not the same as giants some might say because such people end up sickly. Their bones can't support their height and they have trouble breathing because they can't take in the amount of oxygen their body's need. Most well know recorded pituitary giants have also had records of poor nutrition. This could very well mean that given an environment more rich in oxygen and with better nutrition that modern pituitary giants might not have been sickly. Is this the explanation for past giants?

If they did exist, how prolific were they? Were their communities of them around the world? Were they anomalies? How far back do they go? Were they a whole different species of human altogether? Could the sightings of Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquash all be modern sightings of actual giant's instead? Lord Byron wrote in 1823 in his poem Don Juan that, truth is stranger than fiction. Well if giants did walk the earth than I will tend to agree with Lord Byron. So what say you, did giants ever walk the earth?
46 months ago: If what you are referring to is the photos of archaeologists in Greece having uncovered the remains of giants. At first glance, these photographs look convincing. Then, without looking further into the matter, well-meaning people begin to use this as "proof" that the biblical text in Genesis and/or Numbers is true.
However, the photographs in question are faked. They are the product of a competition for digital photographers who were trying to create an archaeological hoax. This innocent competition's photos were then used as the basis for a very widespread Internet hoax.

There are giants in the bible like Goliath (almost 10 ft. tall) and the Og of Bashan (up to 12 ft. tall.. measuring by the size of his bed.. he could be even smaller) ...depending on what a cubit measures to be... as far as the Bible is concerned the tallest would be as mentioned and also localized in certain regions known for their giants before and after the flood.

San Antonio, TX
46 months ago: I saw those photos. One of them had what looked for all the world like a Colt revolver in the hole with the remains. The pistol was entirely proportional to the remains.

True giants would require seriously beefed up skeletal structure - especially in the legs - to support the weight. Remember, assuming everything else remaining in proportion, every 41% increase in size would mean a doubling in weight. An athlete 8'5" tall would weigh in at around 400 lbs. A 12 footer would weigh almost half a ton. A 16 foot athletically built with the same proportions as a 200 lb. similarly proportioned 6'-er would weigh nigh onto a ton. A 23 foot tall human would weigh over 4,000 lbs.

Of course that half-ton 12 footer would be able to simple drop the ball into the basket. One stride would take him from outside the keyhole to beside the basket. The boy could score at will. Be hell on blocking shots, too.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
46 months ago: Don't be too sure about the hobbits, either. The so-called Homo Floresiensus remains were all found in close proximity to each other, probably a single familial unit. Partial skeletons of nine individuals have been recovered, including one complete cranium. The most recent findings point to an endocrine based anomaly, such as a missing or malfunctioning thyroid. See, mutations do occur in nature, and usually not beneficial ones.

The human body is not designed to get taller than about eight feet. Anything over that leads to serious health problems.
San Antonio, TX
46 months ago: OOTB wrote
See, mutations do occur in nature, and usually not beneficial ones.
That is the 2nd biggest problem (the biggest is irreducible complexity in certain biological systems) with macro evolution for me. I was taught in both High School and College biology classes that mutations are virtually always deleterious to the organism. Yet mutation is considered to be the mechanism of macro evolution.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
46 months ago: Right on, BC. It's an absolutely implausible scenario, yet if we don't buy it we are considered ignorant.

The defense mechanisms that crop up behind that flawed "scientific" postulation are absolutely astounding. It's great that many are now scientifically and intellectually challenging that crap.

BTW - anyone who has lots of hair on the top of their feet quite possiblly has some Hobbit blood. :)

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