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Diatribe: Hand-Held Portable Cash Registers.

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I did some shopping at the mall today. I hadn't been there in quite some time but I was on a mission. I went, specifically, to JC Penney and was surprised to learn that they no longer use cash registers. I was greeted by a woman who appeared to work there who was wearing a sort of fanny pack/shoulder holster thing that carried a small wireless device that resembled a smart phone.

I found some really nice drapes on sale and decided to buy two panels.

The sales associate used her device to scan the bar code on each package and asked me how I would be paying. I handed her my credit card and she swiped the magnetic stripe along the side of the little machine. Then she turned it over to reveal a keypad where I was to enter my PIN number.

At no point during the transaction was I afforded the opportunity to see the mathematics involved.

I always watch the screen at the checkout counter like a detective on a stake out. I may be old-fashioned but I don't always have a lot of confidence that the price I expect to pay will be the same as what I'm actually charged.

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20 months ago: I'm sure you get a total before you are asked to sign, you just might have to do some estimating before you checkout. Would be nice to have a printed receipt at the end. Did you get one?
19 months ago: I don't like that.
I go to Macys Department Store. I love Macys.
I look for service and courtesy, not a way of getting me out of the store quick.
Pennys was going bankrupted and were reorganizing. They closed many stores. Maybe this is a new plan for them to save money. I always found their household products, curtains and drapes to be lovely. Not so much anymore. Last time I went there was a few weeks back to look at the white sale, and they had cheaper merchandise. I suppose it depends on the store.
Lately I find bargains and can shop online from home. It is the same as shopping in the store, but you get deals. I pay a few dollars extra for shipping, but I don't mind. It reduces the hassle.
The other store I loved was Fortlunoffs, and they went under and closed their large stores. I found very little quality there aside from the jewelry. Now they concentrate on online jewelry shopping and garden shops.
I loved their Christmas displays of Dept. 56. They setup the little villages and train set displays. I met the artist who signed the pieces. This was all fun. Stores are getting away from that. I miss it.

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