Diatribe: A “Gun-Shaped” Pop-Tart Can Get A Boy Suspended.

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I love Pop-Tarts … particularly the frosted brown sugar variety and all the ones that involve chocolate chip cookie dough. I'll open a package with the intention of eating just one and, every time, I'll eat both of them. Kellogg is counting on me to do just that. And, yes, sometimes I chew around the edges to get rid of the part that doesn't have any filling and save the "good part" for last. I realize that Pop-Tarts are far from nutritious but they're so darned tasty and, even more so, convenient that I often can't resist.

Seven-year old Joshua Welch of Baltimore likes them, too. Recently, while he was enjoying a strawberry Pop-Tart, his creativity got the better of him and he decided to reshape his breakfast by nibbling on its edges.

"All I was trying to do was turn it into a mountain but it didn't look like a mountain, really, and it turned out to be a gun … kinda." – Joshua Welch

Due to a zero tolerance policy related to guns, Joshua was suspended from Park Elementary School.

His teacher, apparently, thought the results of his pastry biting definitely looked like a gun and, what's more, she claimed that she saw the boy who lives with ADHD hold on to the Pop-Tart and utter the words "bang bang."

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19 months ago: Dia how do you knock these things out?
Sometimes I wonder if people want to cause drama.
19 months ago: My comment meaning the teacher getting so excited about the shape of the tart and the boy mimicking shooting. All little ones will do that. Look at television and the violence shown with gun action. No wonder kids will think that way. How do you blame the kids? Blame the adults who show this violence to the children. Sooner or later it won't be controlled because too many kids will be violent.
19 months ago: The kid probably did try to create a mountain shape.
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19 months ago: I write one post each day, alternating between rants and raves. The purpose of my blog is to make me think of something nice to say for every complaint that I have.

Thanks for reading!
19 months ago: When I write something nice, nobody reads it.
19 months ago: They are tasting too sweet to me lately, but I favor strawberry.

I love apples. I pick them from a tree, I bake them into pies. I look at them until I am tempted to buy an apple turnover when I shouldn't.

I wonder if they have apple pop tarts.

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