Denver Broncos draft Tim Tebow over Clausen or McCoy?

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Ladies and gentlemen, this just in the Denver Broncos has picked Tim Tebow at the twenty-fifth pick of the NFL Draft 2010. Despite having already traded for Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn in the last two seasons.

At one point this should allow him to develop at the position and certainly compared to other quarterbacks still available, he may certainly be more amenable to Coach Josh McDaniel's way of thinking team-wise.

Clearly, his team ideals would certainly fit into Tebow's team first approach but I wonder how he will fit into a more professional way of doing things. Will his inability to separate his private life choices from the field of play eventually get into his way? I think it might especially if he wants to be a field general in the NFL.

Things like wearing bible quotes won't fit into the NFL's dress code on the field and I wonder if he will be that amenable or will he be more like that of Jim McMahon of the 1985 Super Bowl Champions Chicago Bears who thrived on irritating the previous NFL commissioner and his staff.

Having passed on Jimmy Clausen makes me wonder exactly what the Bronco's were thinking about in the first place. I wonder if they were more worried about a player who might think of himself on and off the field before his teammates. Or was it more about his career under Charlie Weiss.

Even passing on Colt McCoy as well leaves me wondering what the heck they are thinking in Denver. I realize that I have not interviewed McCoy, Tebow or Clausen and make no excuses, as I clearly am just another armchair quarterback fan who wants to win his fantasy league next season.

If Denver rushes to put Tebow onto the field before Quinn or Orton both of which have not impressed me on the field with their previous teams or for Orton with the Broncos past week two of last season Tebow will likely become a player of the likes of Andre Ware for the Detroit Lions.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
54 months ago: I'm very curious to see how this plays out.
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