Debt fight, Congress and a 86 Million Dollar Warchest

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Isn't it amazing how our elected government's officials all seem so headstrong, and how people like them are the only people actually involved in the understanding of how our government is actually run? It appears even they aren't even sure these days, given the behavior over the debt ceiling and the rhetoric/non-rhetoric being bantered about through the media these days.

Is it so hard to understand that our economy is in fact based upon debt? They act like they have long since forgotten that and all the talk about the debt ceiling and the deficit over my lifetime has been just that: talk. They spend more money on getting elected and re-elected than they do on the deficit or government programs such as the recent changes at the VA to reduce homelessness across America in the Veteran community. A mere drop in the bucket compared to the war chest our current President is reported to have in his pocket for his re-election campaign, which will also full of promises he can't actually achieve without support in Congress.

Obama's attitude of late reminds me of a smart alec kid who starts his first job and thinks he already knows everything when honestly knows nothing at all. Of course, I would carry on that way if I were almost certain to be able to outspend anyone in my next campaign, almost ensuring re-election. I think this is more than just about the debt ceiling, which by the way didn't seem to bother them when they were giving away Tarp funds to insurance companies and automakers.

This whole thing is about the President's attitude toward a Republican Congress which has no interest in giving in on any matter that considers anything beyond protecting their wealthy constituents and benefactors. There will be no real reforms or changes as long they all behave more like teenage bullies and less like total professionals who are able to work together and get along no matter what is going on around them. Especially with more consideration about keeping control over Congress for the party line rather than actually achieving anything else that works for the common American who maybe working for minimum wage, still at $7.40 an hour, while our elected officials are making a whole lot more a year and sleeping in their offices.

They are unable to see past the elected glow they live within, forgetting that there are actually people out there who can't afford milk, bread and basics for life just in order to survive. There are people who don't need more press conferences telling us what they can't work out, instead of ones announcing the actual ability to attain the goals and promises as stated during their campaigns, without ten million earmarks on the back end of the bill for more extravagant pork barrel production they so vehemently rail against in the press.

Mr. President sir, with all due respect, have you forgotten that there is more out there than your war chest, state dinners and expensive all-expense paid trips overseas? Where is the man who went to Chicago to change the way things were done, and why aren't you able to find enough Democrats to get things done without worrying about re-election campaigns? There is a scene from the "West Wing" that I am reminded of at this point: "Let Bartlett Be Bartlett." Less $500-a-plate dinners and more looking at the little people who can't afford to send their kids to college, go on vacations, live better than week to week. Speeches only go so far and they don't feed anyone or put money in their pockets in a country that preaches caring for one another while giving billions to other countries to keep them from fighting, all the while cutting benefits to Veterans who fought to keep the peace here in America.

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Eugene, OR
34 months ago: People tend to think the President is capable of more than he is. Congress makes all of the laws and passes all of the budgets.

Obama came into office promising to bring together the two parties and for three years he tried but as you pointed out, you can't really negotiate with people who are not willing to compromise.

Congress is broken. The main thing that is wrong is that most of the Congress has been bought off by special interests so they no longer listen to the people.

There are petitions out to get the money out of politics and to reverse Corporate personhood so we can have campaign finance laws again. This may take years.

In the meantime we can fix our broken Congress by Petitioning Congress to make a simple procedural change that would end partisan gridlock.

First ban the filibuster and allow a simple majority vote to decide if something needs to be acted on.

If yes, three proposals should be crafted. One from the Democrats, one from the Republicans, and one from an independent panel of experts in that field, who have not received any money from special interests.

Then use preferential voting to decide the best option. (3 pts. for 1st choice, 2 pts. for second choice, and 1 pt. for the least desirable option – the proposal with the most points wins).

This would force them to compromise and cooperate, (to attract 2nd choice votes) and what is best for the nation would win over partisan politics. It would minimize corporate influence, end gridlock, and return civility to Congress.

The Republicans in Congress are determined to do anything they can to damage Obama's presidency, and if that means destroying the nation to do it they will. It would be a lot better if they all would work on fixing the nations problems instead of political warfare.
Don Smith
Don Smith
Fairview, TN
34 months ago: I think it could be argued that the reason the republicans are so determined to undermine Obama`s agenda is due to the fact that he is a radical progressive socialist..An agenda that has been proven through out history to be a failed concept..If Obama was allowed to succeed we would soon be a third world country.. Resistance by non compliance , it worked for Gandhi...

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