Dear NFL and Referees

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Dear NFL and Referees,
Right now, in America, things are kind of crappy. We've got an economy that refuses to do anything but limp along. We've got millions of Americans struggling to find work. Ambassadors being killed, entire regions of the world just spinning right out of control. We've got a looming fiscal crisis, record levels of debt, drops in median income, and historic highs for food stamps. We've got a war that's dragged on for over ten years, with thousands of lives lost. We've got two out of touch a-holes running for President, and a media so damned oblivious and compromised that we're now getting better investigative journalism from the National Enquirer. Teachers are striking, students are failing, and our prisons are filling. Our taxes are on the way up and our benefits are on the way down. It seems like every time we turn on the news some brand spanking new catastrophe is waiting with open arms and a gigantic grin. Things really kind of suck right now. And it is times like these where American Football really matters. When the whole world is busy going to pot all around you, it's really a great escape to sit down on a Sunday, or a Monday, or even a Thursday, turn on the game, and cheer on something that's bigger than yourself. And even if your team didn't win, at least you know that they got a fair shake at it. Even though everyday people are being perpetually screwed over right now, at least we can watch some fair competition and cheer on good play. At least we could. But now even that simple little escape, that sheltered world that was the NFL has gone right to hell. Rules are irrelevant, competency is optional. A game that was once excellently structured and held together by essential regulations has now turned into a "Meh, close enough" fiasco. We don't know all the details of the dispute and at this point we don't much care. I'm sure both groups are getting royally screwed, but honestly, it's time to sack up. I'm imploring both groups, make some sacrifices, give up a little, and come to some sort of compromise and agreement. Do it for the league, do it for the tradition, but most importantly, do it for Joe and Jane America that could really use a break right now.
25 months ago: Not a game I care to watch because it has always been over emphasized when it is for the few and that is at the high school level, once you get to pro level it is nothing but a money pit for the fans and a gold mine for the owners.

They should revert to 1960's rules and style of refereeing but keep the new pads and helmets to protect the players.

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