Christian Burning of Quran:Results in deaths in Afghanistan!

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With dead bodies lying at a UN compound in Afghanistan and a burnt Quran in Florida I write this heavyhearted piece of opinionated garbage. This may very well incite both those who are Christians and those who believe that the first Amendment is nearest to the bible. However, as a Veteran I am bound to my beliefs that the first Amendment let alone the Bible itself do not protect things done concerning fear and hatred.

Four Nepalese guards were killed along with three Afghan UN workers during a riot at the UN compound in Kabul, Afghanistan during a civilian riot over the burning of a Quran in Florida. During the riot, it is believed that seven to fifteen insurgents charged in after the gate was breached and began to open fire upon the UN workers and guards. It was not exactly a fair fight as the guards were all trained to not shoot at civilians even if they are showing aggression.

The three workers ran into a dark bunker believing they would be safe but they were not as the insurgents hunted them down and killed them anyway. And this is all inspired by the hatred filled Christians in a Florida church who judged all Muslims and burned the Quran with protest. Which is such a shame since a person who did actually attend church as a child learned one of the major things about Christianity, "though shall not judge lest ye be judged."

Personally, I would imagine this church filled with bigotry and hatred would have been appalled if a group of anyone burnt a Bible in protest of their beliefs. Crying out for justice against hatred only to honestly be acting like many ancestors of Southern America. It hearkens the likeness of crosses burning in the front lawns of others simply because of the color of their skin.

I am an Army Veteran and not for violence against anyone regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation period. I am in fact more for those who preach hatred to be put at the front line of the defense of such violence. Use them to protect our children who are forced to arm themselves against those who wish us violence based upon our beliefs as a country.

I would love for all those so-called Christians who believe in preaching death due to someone else's orientation, religious beliefs, etc. simply are preaching hatred and not the true message of Christianity. Love thy neighbor is not exactly on their conscience as they protest Muslims and soldier's funerals. These minority churches in my opinion no longer deserve our protection by the first Amendment simply because they live in America.

The problem is they are putting everyone else in America and abroad in danger simply because they don't truly believe in Christianity as a loving and caring for all others religion period.

43 months ago: Considering the blood lusting barbarism of the imagined deity in the Bible, for any Christian to condemn the Quran is laughable however what you have here is irrational religionist supemacists that are intent on knowingly provoking other irrational religionists to violence at the the expense of other people's lives.

While the actions of the Pastor are pathetic and hypocritical, the murderous reaction of these extremists is appalling and cannot be justified. While it's clear that most Muslims are not violent just as most Christians aren't running to burn the Quran or stoke violence, when a religious sect a code to murder it's enemies for the slightest insult (e.g. drawing a cartoon caricature of their prophet), it's a cancerous malignancy that must not be tolerated or have excuses made for it.
Out Of The Box
Out Of The Box
43 months ago: I agree. The southern pastor, while committing no crime, has demonstrated his hypocrisy by finding guilty an entire faith, simply because it doesn't agree with his own.

That puts him squarely in the same camp as the Muslim extremists who vow to do the same.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
43 months ago: Thanks J Lee for standing up for the truth.

Unfortunate events like this happen when folks swallow lies. What good can come from the burning of a Koran or a Bible? What good can come from retaliation or vengeance either?

Just what the devil ordered.
43 months ago: I am not condoning the behavior of the Muslims in Afghanistan but that being said. They wouldn't have necessarily rioted or attacked the UN compound had this maniac in Florida not condemned them to death first.
43 months ago: I hear and understand you JLK but I hope you can understand that the actions of the religous extremists are grossly out of proportion to the absurd provacation of the Pastor, and as a result, make them a far greater and appalling threat. To put it bluntly, killing random people in response to a religious insult is naked barbarism, whether that insult is roasting a book or drawing a cartoon of a Prophet.

Are telling me with any sense of lucidity that criticism (unwarranted or otherwise) of a religion warrants death of the nearest bystanders? Or are you telling me that we must curb freedom of speech & blunt any hint of criticism of this particular religion and treat it a sacred cow for fear of a bloody rampage? If so, I would believe that notion right out of the quisling appeasers book of yellow.

Now I'll disconnect my channel to Red State Guy and resume my moderate centrist postions :)
43 months ago: I'm telling you that my beliefs and opinions tell me that had this so called Pastor actually practiced his religion our efforts within Afghanistan wouldn't be now fighting a riot based upon a religious mistake.

True Christianity (I'm not a practicing member) are supposed to be love thy neighbor, treat others as you wish to be treated.

Would this Pastor like me to come to his place and burn a bible? I think not. He would morally offended that the mere thought had even occurred in my mind. And yet he chose to have a "trial" and burn the book in support of his religious beliefs.

Many Muslims are not extremists and for him to hide behind the 1st Amendment in order to attack those who are Muslims extremist or not is offensive to my beliefs.

He would be the first person on TV crying because his church was burned down because of hatred. Yet, he hides behind his 1st Amendment laden hatred to burn and attack others.
43 months ago: Many people would think it wise to be silent on this matter of the burning of another nations God given word, in this case the Koran. Let them be silent then, just as those who ran to hide from Islamic agression and corpreal physical threat. I do not attend a church, and I have no inclination to do so. All of us grow into adults with spiritual ideals passed down from the adults around us. Even so we find our search for the divine influenced continually according to our experience of our own private existence. As I understand this matter of God versus God, it is obvious God seeks entertainment. I do not understand all the reasons the American Preacher in his American Homeland burned the Koran, and I do not need to know. If I have to pick a side, I pick our side over the Quran Muslim Book of Faith. Death threats? For a burnt book. Seriously? We,...our country,....our military force under our flag, under our God has reportedly killed Muslim men, Muslim women, Muslim children,.....and Muslims have said,....yeah, Muslims have said just about nothing. Now Islam, and this is not the first time, single's one man out and openly threatens grievous bodily harm against an American over a Book Burning. How many of the Islamic faith have been set on fire? Come on Islam! Have you not been provoked! How about a good old fist fight? I am not a Preacher according to the Church Standard, I have reasons. I still side with and I will gladly fight for the Ideals of what I have read in the Bible,....even though it is my understanding that the God of the Bible has no choice but to seek my death. With the host of problems we have in this country the last thing we should tolerate is some rock throwing soul zombie putting The Word out on one of us for burning his Quran. He should realize we buy his Holy Book with American Money and we will do want we want with it in accordance with the laws of our country.
Eugene, OR
43 months ago: This is all about intolerance and religion seems to foster it.

During the early years in many countries like Spain, Christians were just as intolerant of other religions as extreme Muslims are today. In the early years Christians were just as cruel because the Old Testament, and also the torah, contains the same terrible punishments for minor offenses as the Koran does.

After 350 years of cruelty and after the Reformation Christians became more tolerant. Islam being a younger religion did not have the reformation and is now stuck in the cruel stage of intolerance.

Islam needs a reformation, but it can only come from within, and idiots like this pastor only prolong the reformation, because it convinces the radicals that they are under attack by a Christian Crusade.

It is important to understand that most Christians during the Spanish Inquisition were not cruel. Most of them just wanted to feed their families, but that there were a lot of "Ditto Heads" that went along with what the power hungry priests wanted. The only way to overcome the irrational hatred and fear was through rationality.

Likewise most Muslims today are good and kind people but a lot of "Ditto Heads" are willing to be led by the extremist radicals. The way to end the cruelty and intolerance is by introducing rationality and modernity to them. Most do not want to remain in the 7th century.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all have the same cruel god of Abraham. They all have the same prophets, they all have the same cruel strictures and terrible punishments in their sacred texts because they all have the same origins in the folk tales of same cruel and terrible middle eastern tribes.

Rational Jews and Christians realize that their sacred texts should not be taken literally. Most rational Muslims have also learned that lesson but there are still a lot of "True Believers" .

It will take time for the Middle East to become more rational and tolerant. Hopefully the revolutions that are now taking place will introduce democracy and modernity which demands tolerance of others.
San Antonio, TX
43 months ago: Mr. Kenser wrote:
"Personally, I would imagine this church filled with bigotry and hatred would have been appalled if a group of anyone burnt a Bible in protest of their beliefs."
And in that you would be utterly mistaken. I listened to an interview with the "pastor" of that exceedingly tiny (less than 3 dozen members) offshoot church in Florida. He said he is not upset by Bible burnings - remember, the Islamists do it all the time, along with flags, Uncle Sam in effigy and other symbols of America - since he is able to separate the Word of God from a bound book printed with the Word of God.

The only people responsible for those deaths in Afghanistan are the people who committed the atrocity - and the U.N. authorities who had Ghurkas as guards AND THEN MADE THEM WORK UNARMED! Ghurkas are among some of the toughest fighters on the planet but no one is useful against a mob without arms.

There is no such thing as "radical Islam". There is only Islam. The seeds of extremism and terrorism are in the "Holy Koran" itself. The Quran was written by a vengeful, warlike pedophile who changed his mind on a daily basis on what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior. All of the peaceful passages are in the beginning of the book. The end of the book is filled with hatred, war, blood, conquest and conversion at sword point. The book is filled with hatred for women and it condones pedophilia - encourages it even.

Al, yes there is a lot of violence in the Bible. But there is a lot of good, too. The Jews were commanded to love their neighbors as themselves. They were commanded to treat strangers in their land as guests. While the Bible does not explicitly condemn slavery, it does have a commandment for a slave owner to treat his believing slaves as brothers.

Character limitations force me to truncate this response.

Bad Cyborg X%er
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
43 months ago: Nice addition BC.
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
43 months ago: Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God.

"Such was Jesus, the son of Mary; it is a statement of truth, about which they vainly dispute. It is not befitting to the majesty of God, that He should beget a son. Glory be to Him! When He determines a matter, He only says to it, 'Be' and it is" (Quran 19:34-35).

It is easier for some folks to push a universalist agenda rather than just deal with the truth. Relativism is causing the death of humanity. However, right is still right and wrong is still wrong.

One can bring up the OT of the Inquisition over and over again. That's ancient history. People are dying right now due to a large number of Islamic idiots killing them for no reason. I don't care if anyone likes my saying that or not, it's the truth.

If folks would learn to keep their hands off each other when they have disagreements the world would be a far better place. Unfortunately the secular and the religious alike are an insanely selfish and murderous lot. Insufferable little egomaniacs, loaded with sin and creating their own rules and their own gods. Everyone does what they believe is right in their own eyes with zero accountability or so they think. Anyone who refuses to see that the time is getting short is just kidding themselves.

When Allah acknowledges that he has son, then we will have a basis at least for discussion sake regarding his and Jehovah's potential dual identity. In the meantime, it's plain to see that they are in fact not the same and never have been.

That being said, we are to be at peace with the Muslims, but at this stage of the game too many are simply not allowing that to happen.

Drawing a picture or burning a book, any book, should never end in death.

One should never attempt to use the sins of the past to justify the debauchery and violence of today.

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