Can you REALLY make money online FREE?

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Roxboro, NC
Can you really "make money online free"?

This notorious question is asked probably 1000 times daily on forums, ChaCha, Yahoo! Answers, and other sites.

The short answer is YES. But how?

I found myself asking the same questions 3 years ago. The day I searched "make money online free" in Google literally changed my life. I discovered new opportunities and ways to make money at home on my computer without spending a dime.

Of course I was skeptical at first, but after receiving my first payment I was hooked, and I have been making money online ever since.

Unfortunately, I ran into a few scams along the way, and I still do. It's hard to tell which sites are legit and which ones are not, and I believe this is the main reason why many people are not open to the idea of making money online.

The 2 most important tips I can give to anyone who wants to make money online is:

1. NEVER pay ANYTHING to make money online FREE! I have been doing this for over 3 years now, and I have never had to spend a dime of my own money. There may be some programs out there with a 1 time membership cost, but most of them are SCAMS.

2. Be prepared. Scams are everywhere. So if you happen to run across a scam don't give up. There are many legit programs out there, you just have to find them.

In addition to my "make money online free" journey, I created a blog by the name of Work At Home Info documenting the sites I use, and payment proofs. I created this blog to help anyone that is looking to make money online avoid scams and have access to free and legit programs.

With the above resource and tips, you will be making money online free in no time!

Paper Tiger
Paper Tiger
43 months ago: Talking about scams, "can I really make money on-line"?

MySurvey is a pain in the backside they spam me at least 3 times per day, it's a lottery. If you got 20$ how long did it take, how many hours of passion, righting the wrongs of the world, did you put in to make this money?

I do not write for cash but on one site I use, they pay you automatically. I send them poems,now they are the worst poems ever written and I admit that. But over the years I now have earned 99 cents. I never actually get anything and it never goes up to a buck, sometimes it even goes down.

Good luck to you Barbie (not the green oval one) when you are famous ask where my 99 cents is?

43 months ago: @PT

Very true, it does take time. I've spent a long time learning how to make money writing online. But, it pays off now. The nice thing is that I earn perpetually on something I wrote 2 years ago. Who would pay me $1000 to write a short article? No one. Over time I've earned that much on 1 article at a different site. So, yeah, it involves time to learn and develop the skills. Some like it, some don't. It is a perfect fit for me! Opened up a whole new world..
Philadelphia, PA
43 months ago: Ain't nothing "free" sweetheart.

43 months ago: Just FYI - This site does not pay 100%. It's 50%. The TOS is not up to date.

Also, admitting that you make money writing online may get you harassed by other members. RR was booted from Google News over a month ago. There are several members who don't know the Adsense TOS...some who even say "backlinking" is "black hat SEO" because they don't get it. Others who aren't involved in Adsense are inclined to fall for it and assume everyone who makes money online is evil (heh, except RR, which is really ironic).

However, it is totally true that you can make money online! I do. If people are willing to put in the effort to learn proper SEO, etc., they can write about pretty much anything.

It's great!

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