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Billy Ray Cyrus:Now that I ruined my family I want to fix it

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this pose is family appropriate?
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Poor Billy Ray Cyrus now that his money making machine is no longer "his" to use for his own means he claims that "Hannah Montana" ruined his family. All the time I thought it was, his own choices in using his moneymaking machine daughter to further his own ambitions of staying on television after his own show finally came to a fantastic close.

His own music career was down to a few songs making up for his own album sales "Some gave all" being a dramatic way to not only send a message but guarantee in a music genre where country, duty and honor reign supreme. I don't mind that song actually I approve of the message itself although frankly I might have preferred a different singer than "Achy Breaky Heart" just because I don't obviously care for this person as an artist and more of late a person, parent and fellow American.

After all, I guess he is the way we all live these days anyway isn't it. Who cares how I get there as long as I get my money and fame. Even if I have to pimp out my own kids, family, wife, husband whomever around me to make my pocket jingle putting bling around our necks as it were. Not the most adorable way of thinking over the decades but we should actually own the reason many other countries hate the ideas that America often appears to represent, Greed, Fame & Extravagance.

Billy Ray pointing the finger at Disney and its mass marketing of teens is like the pot calling the kettle black. He had a choice like Meth addicts chose to do the drug or in his case money and fame all on his own. Kids want to be adored and daughters always want to make their Daddy adore them duh. That kid has obvious talent but no one made the adult in that relationship aka Billy Ray chose to audition for Disney it was his decision.

Now he tells people that he is working hard to "mend" his family, which is an odd thing for him to say considering he tore it apart, and his daughter no longer needs him to make her world go round. Take your medicine Billy Ray you created the star and now that she turned eighteen you will actually have to work harder to make your own career relevant or disappear as so many one hit wonders country music or otherwise do.,,...
Huey Newton
Huey Newton
44 months ago: Too bad.

I thought they may end up being an example of how a father and daughter can survive and thrive in this day and age regardless of the circumstances.

Far from over, but yep, the father dropped the ball again.

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