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American Idol, Textgate, and Dial Idol

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Gurmit Singh
Boston, MA
For days I have been reading some news articles about some sort of scandal on American Idol that has been titled “Textgate”. Some Adam Lambert fans had contacted news media about a couple of AT&T employees who demonstrated how to text message votes at a couple of Kris Allen watch parties in Arkansas before the finale. This sent a few fans of Adam Lambert to claim that Adam Lambert was the real winner over Kris Allen in season 8. That Kris Allen is not the legitimate winner because it was probably text messaging that made Kris Allen win over Adam Lambert.

The New York Times’ Lauren Johnston and other reporters took this allegation and ran with it without checking other sources. One source is a standard for any American Idol fan and is actually known by many in the media. That source is the website Dial Idol.

Dial Idol is a website that has been predicting the outcome of shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars by checking busy signals. People download the software located on the site and vote on these shows using Dial Idol. At the end of the voting people can see a general population sampling of the voting trends across the country regarding American Idol by averaging busy signals. The site takes that sampling and posts it on their website to predict who is the probable winner and who might go home the following evening. In many cases the website Dial Idol has predicted the winner and the person going home so many people watch Dial Idol carefully to determine the outcome of the show, but the site cannot determine busy signals of people using home phones or people using text messaging.

Many websites from to Vote for the Worst post the Dial Idol percentages and outcomes on their websites and watch the numbers carefully the evening of voting.

This leads us back to the week before the finale when there were three contestants left and before AT&T employees went to the watch parties. The contest was down to Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Dial Idol showed that week it was a very tight race between the three remaining contestants each one getting around 30 percent. That evening Dial Idol predicted that Danny Gokey appeared to get the lowest amount of busy signals, but it was close. The next evening Danny Gokey went home, the person who Dial Idol stated got the lowest amount of busy signals on their site.

Danny Gokey stated on CNN that Kris Allen would probably get his votes because their type of song choice and music was more similar than Adam Lamberts. Every media outlet following American Idol had written that most people believed that Gokey’s fan base would vote for Kris Allen, and apparently they did.

So the night of the finale between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen the ardent fans of American Idol were watching the number count on Dial Idol as they did every week and the numbers were close, but at the end of evening Dial Idol predicted that Kris Allen was in the lead.

You can see the outcome by hitting the link I provided. Remember Dial Idol does not count text messaging and Dial Idol still had Kris Allen receiving more busy signals. So why the shock by the media and a few Adam Lambert fans? Kris Allen even beat the numbers on Dial Idol before the AT&T Arkansas watch parties, so why wouldn’t Kris beat the numbers again? In months before Arkansas got behind Kris, Kris was beating his numbers on Dial Idol because people were voting for him early on using other methods.
Yet on the finale evening according to Dial Idol they had Kris slightly ahead and that is not counting any text messaging numbers from Arkansas.

Then there is that number and myth of the 38 million votes from Arkansas. The population of Arkansas is 2.8 million. For Kris Allen to get that amount from Arkansas every man, woman and child would have to vote for Kris over 100 times. Yet if people went to Dial Idol under geopredications and hovered over the state of Arkansas they would see many people in Arkansas also voted for Adam Lambert. So there goes that theory.

In fact more people in California, Adam’s home state, voted for Kris more than there were people voting in Arkansas in the general population sampling.

So those who are claiming that Kris Allen is not the legitimate winner of American Idol season 8 should refer to Dial Idol and the numbers showing that Kris was in the lead that evening without even counting text messaging votes.

The proof shows that text messaging votes did not put Kris Allen over the top to defeat Adam if Kris was getting more phone busy signals according to Dial Idols samplings.

If you check Google you will see that Adam fans were using the same methods of mass voting as all the other fan bases.

People should give this so called Textgate scandal a rest because even Dial Idol indicated that Kris had a edge over Adam in phone busy signals which does not include text message votes.

Kris Allen is the legitimate winner of American Idol 2009. Both Kris and Adam don't seem bothered by it and their fans should follow their example and show the same class as both of them have.
Philadelphia, PA
65 months ago: Wow, well that settles it!

I guess the Glamberts are going to have to find some other way to rationalize Adam's loss...
Myrtle Beach, SC
65 months ago: dial idol hasn't been accurate all had lil rounds in the top the week she went home....check the stats....and if you look at the overall geopredictions for the finale week (which have been more accurate this year) you will see adam won way more states than kris- 28 for (adam) 20 for(kris)....also, dial idol only counts the people that have the software....there were several states, i think 4 or 5, that had adam with 0% and kris with whatever (can't remember the exact number) %, which you also have to throw out....with that being said u can't judge based on dial idol
i guarantee you if they had 1 vote per household you would have ssen a very different outcome

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