America shut down again: Silk Ties & $3000 Suits!

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-Pushes soapbox into middle of the room.

The same governmental body thought nothing of bailing out the major Insurance companies and automakers. Cannot seem to get a budget passed without stopping short of bailing out the working poor in America. It's truly a sham as they stand in their expensive suits with silk ties talking about everyone in America sacrificing for the betterment of future generations.

We have barely advanced the minimum wage all the while the costs of everything has risen so whether or not a person wants a family he or she can barely survive on their own. Colleges are raising costs as they build new buildings with rich people's names on them all the while they cry out about decreases in enrollment.

Now our government is willing to shutdown again because the GOP held Congress is holding cuts hostage in order to pass a budget yet again. They make it sound like it's a total necessity as they make their six-figure salaries. What ever happened to the public service being totally about making a sacrifice in order to better our country as a whole?

The idea is a joke as new congressional members sleep in their offices crying about costs of living arrangements both in Washington, DC and in their home station. Guess what life is about choice and you made the choice to run for public office now make the sacrifice. Americans are living on the streets without help as you live in your office in congress with little regards to the cuts you're making and how they affect others.

There is little doubt that we are making life harder for future generations but we settled that choice long ago when we sold our debt overseas. We all want a better America for future generations but unless our government makes better decisions for the majority whom are not wealthy people that will never happen. Rather they make decisions based upon giving the status quo tax breaks for big business. All the while raising taxes on the individuals who wind up baring the brunt of the income losses for said tax breaks.

Too often, our governing bodies are more worried about money for re-election than actually taking care of those whom they don't see from their offices. Veterans and many other Americans are losing their homes, millions are addicted to deadly drugs, and alcohol is killing millions of innocent victims. And our government is more worried about where their next donation for re-election will come from.

Time is long overdue for our government body to learn that America is made from those who sacrifice not those who talk about sacrifice while wearing expensive suits, flying in jets for fact-finding missions overseas on our dime. If our government isn't careful, their biggest worry will be what is driving new Democracies overseas freedom from oppression from the wealthy that ignore the poor.

The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
43 months ago: Your right. the same BODY. Was it not he Democratic BODY in the last Congress that...

"thought nothing of bailing out the major Insurance companies and automakers"

Too bad you didn't continue with that lost cause.

Who can add to that list of the "accomplishments" of the last Congress?
43 months ago: There were still a lot of Republicans there including the guy in the picture above...Many of whom voted along with the Dems to pass that load of crap.

Funny thing is either side of the aisle knows how to cut only from the bottom up as the tax breaks from the top down increase exponentially including their own taxes...funny how that works huh?

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