Alan Keyes Arrested At Notre Dame

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Alan Keyes , a former Presidential candidate was arrested at Notre Dame University for joining a group of anti-abortion protesters who were upset at Barack Obama being invited to speak. Driving the protests was the fact that Notre Dame is a Catholic university. Some devout Roman Catholics feel that Notre Dame should not be honoring an individual who gave critical support to pro abortion legislation while in the Illinois legislature. During his time in the Illinois State Senate, Obama opposed passage of the Born Alive Protection Act, which is intended to protect infants born alive after an abortion attempt. World Net Daily quotes Mr. Keyes as follows.

"I will step foot on the Notre Dame campus to lift up the standard that protects the life of the innocent children of this and every generation," Keyes said in a statement prior to his arrest. "I will do it all day and every day from now until the Master comes if need be, though it means I shall be housed every day in the prison house of lies and injustice that Obama, Jenkins and their minions now mean to construct for those who will never be still and silent in the face of their mockery of God and justice, their celebration of evil."

Georgetown University, a Catholic university near Washington DC was also criticised for covering up religious symbols in a hall where Obama was to speak. The university was criticised for caving in on the issue. Additionally, the advance team preparing for Obama's arrival was seen as heavy handed in asking a religious institution to be so self effacing.

The two episodes raise larger questions of how much a religious institution must compromise on its religious beliefs to get federal government money. Yeshiva University, which offers both religious and secular programs was roundly criticised for allowing gay student groups on the campuses of its affiliated medical school, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Legal counsel for Yeshiva University advised the school that they could not refuse the gay groups the right to be active on campus of the university's secular division.

Fordham University is a Catholic university in the Bronx. They were able to refuse recognition to gay student groups. It would be interesting for religious schools and universities of all denominations to band together on legal matters of common concern. It is important that the religious label on a University have substantial rather than merely symbolic value. Covering religious symbols , inviting a political leader who has opinions and an agenda at odds with church teaching and allowing student groups at odds with the religious values at the core of a university's charter are a high price to pay for government funding.

Prayer has been banished from public schools. It now seems that faith is on shaky grounds in private institutions as well. It is a small but hopeful sign that some brave individuals are standing up and protesting this disturbing trend. Alan Keyes is to be commended for expecting Notre Dame University to defend its Catholic principles, and for being jailed in defense of the rights of the unborn. At a time when many are "going along to get along", Alan Keyes deserves admiration for going against the tide.

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66 months ago: Amen!
Alan Keyes is the man.
Notre Damn is only a bunch of spineless, elite, never owned a real job, college professors.
I now have a real, substantive reason to despise Notre Damn.
Coloranter Raver
Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
66 months ago: This is complete and utter hogwash.

Barack Obama is not pro-abortion. People can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on ad nauseum stating that he is, but it's a flat out lie!!!!!!!

This whole fiasco is so pointless and idiotic.

Barack Obama is the least pro-abortion Democratic president we've ever had. He does not want people to get abortions. But nor does he want the decision to be in the hands of the government nor the anti-abortionists who've bombed abortion clinics, etc. Instead, he believes this incredibly personal decision ought better be made by the people involved. Rather than spending money on either side of the issue, he's in favor of spending money on education and helping to empower young women so they don't get into this situation.

If people would take the time to read his website before they get all worked up about this hogwash, they might keep their blood pressures in check!

I'm also saddened and disheartened by the rhetoric generated on this site by people who devalue education.

It is a sad, sad time in America when people who are well-educated are called elitist, while the fat cat, Republican thieves on Wall Street taking home $100 million annual pay checks are vacationing in St. Barts while the nation burns.
66 months ago: Coloranter Raver
Something has you off your rocker.
I'm not going to let you re-write Obama's history as an Illinois legislator.... at least in my mind.
And someone being "the least pro-abortion Democrat" is like someone being "the least deceased dead person".
You're not kidding anybody.
And trust Obama's website? Are you serious?
Look at your rhetoric!
Something's hit a nerve, huh?
66 months ago: Don't be so hard on Coloranter. He said that he is in favour of education to decrease the number of abortions. Doesn'tthat mean he favours government money to religious schools? It doesn't? Why not?
Coloranter Raver
Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
66 months ago: RSG: Let's avoid personal attacks or critiques, shall we. I'm solidly on my rocker.

You don't have to let me re-write Obama's history as an Illinois legislator, you can actually go back and read it for yourself rather than allowing the right wing blogsphere to do it for you. If you do, you'll see that his position was always to favor the rights of the individual, something I think you share, rather than government intervention into this matter of unwanted pregnancy. You will find that he voted against or in favor of measures based on there being "extra junk" thrown in to the measures which he found objectionable which inadvertently would make a person that didn't take the time to study the whole thing get the impression he did or didn't favor aspects of abortion laws.
Coloranter Raver
Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
66 months ago: The fact of the matter is that he is not in favor of abortion. And who is? I don't know a single person who's a "pro-choicer" who is in favor of abortion. I am not, in fact, in favor of abortion. I think it is a terrible and horrible act. I pity any young woman who finds herself pregnant before a time when she feels ready to carry the baby to term. I am not in favor of ending what is a potential human being. However, I am diametrically opposed to you getting to make the decision for her. If she is your daughter, then yeah, you get a say, especially if she's under 18. But, otherwise, no, it's none of your business or mine. This is a traumatic and life-altering decision that can never be undone. I've known many women in my life who had abortions. Not one of them wishes she had had any other option. But, circumstances, lack of education, lack of financial wherewithal, etc. made the decisions for each of them.
Coloranter Raver
Coloranter Raver
Denver, CO
66 months ago: This is where Obama and I don't fit into your nice little categories. We are decidedly opposed to abortion, but vehemently opposed to this being up to anyone but the woman and those she chooses for counsel – hopefully, her parents, her clergy person, her support system. We also believe that if both sides on this issue worked together to empower young women so they are never in the position of needing an abortion, the number of abortions could be drastically reduced in short order dramatically achieving the goals of those who claim to be pro-life. If you really are pro-life, then you must be in favor of putting all efforts into preventing abortion. There is more than one way. One is to picket abortion clinics and the other is to work to limit the tendency for young males to feel that reproductive sex is a sign of their manhood and young women to feel they must go along with it. Levi Johnston cays that he and Bristol practiced "safe-sxe" most of the time. Why not 100% of the time? Any why not stay abstinent until after marriage? Obviously, our culture has a lot of work to do. The solution is NOT the criminalization of abortion which would do nothing to solve the problem. Just as before Roe v. Wade, there were still abortions. They were just done in back alleys and with coat hangars many leading to the death of the young woman if not the baby.

The way to decrease abortions is to increase the education and empowerment of young women and men.

And, sure, I advocate giving educational money to religious schools if it means they will teach even basic sex education. Why not?
66 months ago: Coloranter Raver:
I meant no personal attack.
I just noticed an edge on your post.
(And I had an edge on mine too.)

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