28 Year Old Babysitter Seduces Boy, 14

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New Orleans, LA
Summer Nelson, a 28-year-old woman from Idaho apparently had sex with a 14-year-old boy that she was hired to babysit.

It sounds like a made-for-TV movie, but it’s real: the 28-year-old babysitter took a fancy to the 14-year-old boy she was watching, and apparently had sex with him at least four times during 2007 and 2008.

She has been charged with four counts of lewd conduct with a child.

Summer Nelson was apparently a friend of the boy’s mother, and babysat him while the mom was away… a lot. Eventually, the 14-year-old’s mother got suspicious (why would a 28-year-old babysitter WANT to hang around a kid).

Here’s the weird part: Summer apparently told the 14-year-old’s siblings that “they were in love” and when confronted by the boy’s mom, asked for her “blessing” on their pedophiliac/child relationship.

The 28-year-old babysitter is now behind bars. If she is convicted of all four counts of lewd conduct, she could spend the rest of her life in prison. But I bet she’ll get off easy – remember Debra LaFave, Pamela Rogers, or Mary Kay LeTourneau?

As South Park has shown us, women that have sex with underage boys receive light, if any, jail time. If the genders were reversed, any man would be put away for life.

Jus’ sayin’.
The Cypress Gang
The Cypress Gang
64 months ago: Did the parents get a discount?
64 months ago: Is it no wonder older guys can't get any anymore?
64 months ago: You just know that that boy is going to be a hero at his school for this.

Also, agreed with regard the point about the gender reverse disparity.
64 months ago: Hm, when I was 14 I reckon I'd be up for sex with her.

Like all crimes paedophilia has its degrees* and each case has to be judged on its merits, but there is a natural tendency to see girls as victims and less so with boys. Is this right, I don't know.

*Degrees, the 18 YO having sex with a 15 YO who he picked up in a bar (UK) being the lessor end of the degrees.
64 months ago: Reverse the genders and all manner of screaming takes place by "so called" do-gooders who have nothing to do with the two involved or the families.

Not so many years ago, not a word would have been said, in fact, it probably would have been highly approved by all that he got some experience before he tried it on his wedding night. Nothing like a fumbling idiot to ruin a sacred event.

I’m going to catch all hell from some for what I say about this. So be it.

Sex between those of different ages has become taboo. Years ago, a rich man, or even a poor one with promise, could take a child bride and have the blessing from the parents all the way to the preacher. She would be of “child bearing” age or near to it, usually well after menstruation began but occasionally before if she was a late bloomer. I’m not saying she was forced, but she may or may not have really known what she was expected to do. I’m also not saying that it was right to make these events happen, just that it did and was approved by the community and the state.

What we have here is a young boy, most likely willingly since he did it more than once, getting an introduction to sex by a woman who should have known better. Other siblings in the house were bound to notice and make a comment that would come to the attention of the parents or to the attention of someone besides the two involved.

Love is not part of the equation. He was getting his jollies and she was providing him with an unpaid service.

64 months ago: Without the religious viewpoint, just nature, sex is nothing more than an enjoyable act between two people (unless they are attempting to make a baby), age disparities are something that society has made into more than it is. The older woman who takes a younger mate is not chastised, neither is the older man. They are considered a bit foolish but who can really tell them that they are doing something wrong? It is only when the younger one is below a certain age that society begins to really frown upon the “union” and this is because we have set a certain age as the dividing line between being legally responsible for your own actions and not being responsible.

Unfortunately for many teens, that line is repeatedly crossed by those who are considered our keepers. Teen charged as adult (15, 16 , 17), Teen not allowed to rent a hotel room (21) (I had to personally threaten a hotel with a lawsuit on my daughters wedding night, they were bother 18) or rent a car (25), Teen sent to war to die on the battlefield (18), Teen not allowed to purchase certain products (18 for cigarettes, 21 for alcohol). The list goes on. 18 is not the real legal age in this country, it is beyond 21, otherwise stores and establishments would not be allowed nor would they try to, prevent a person of legal age from purchasing or doing something that they are physically able to do and are chronologically supposed to be old enough to do.

How this plays out will be up to the courts as once the charges have been made the family is out of the picture. I think the boy went along willingly and she is lucky to not be pregnant by him, as for the love angle, yeah, right, four times at least does not make it love and more than once without a peep from him ensures that it was not rape.
64 months ago: Totally agree with you sixholdens, our governing bodies backed by dodgy self interest groups are entirely arbitrary in their restrictions.

In the UK sex is fine over the age of 16 but they cannot rent porn until 18; until recently though they could pose naked from 16 to 18 with the parents permission but technically not buy the magazines in which they appeared - quite a few girls had a "glamour modelling" career start at 16 - Samantha Fox is perhaps one you may have heard of in the USA (singer apparently); she didn't make it as a singer over here but she brightened the day of many a reader of The Sun newspaper in the 70's with her topless photos when she was just 16.

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