20 things I hate about people.

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Auburn, NY
20 things I hate about people.

I think the titles speaks for it self. (yes it talks), and these are just a quarter of the things that bother me.
Warning: This is very much a rant, there are no gray areas in this rant that can be called supportive. So yes there is a lot of hate in this rant, most likely this is not a rant for people with weak constitutions.

1) Unnecessary physical contact
I really dislike unnecessary touching, or as people call it the casual touch. *shudders* I really don’t see the reason behind touching me while talking to me. I am pretty sure people can talk with out coming into contact with my person. Whether it be on the arm, shoulder, hand shakes, hugs (with out permission or warning, back, or any other place I can’t think of at the moment. Just don’t touch me with out an at least minute warning.

2) Talking loud
This usually happens when I am on the public bus, in a store, or when people on a cell phone. They are having a supposedly private conversation with the person next to them or on the line and the seem unable to control their vocal volume. I really don’t want to hear “she said….no really!!! No way!” or “what do want for dinner? …. I know your mother is coming over…” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… I don’t need to know your business; nor do I want to know you stupid business…while I am trying to go home and or shopping.

3) Coming to my person bubble to talk.
No one need to talk 3 inches from a persons face…I don’t need to know every dang color in your iris. Nor do I need to know what you ate just before you came talking to me. I don’t need you following me around if I walked away that means I don’t want to talk to you, unless I specifically said that I need to go do something.

4) Nosiness
Why is that people seem to find my business so dang interesting? Are their own lack of lifes so dang boring that they have to stick there giant nose in my grill! No, unless I ask a question to you directly or every one, then I don’t want to know what you think I should do. Because I wasn’t talking to you.

5) Solicitors
I don’t want to join your religion, I don’t want a discount on anything, I don’t care about your problems I have plenty of my own if I want to donate I will go strait to the organization not through a third party, and I all ready know who I am going to vote for…so stop knocking on my door and wasting my time.

6) Tell me to update my fashion to the current trend when its going be out of style in two weeks like computer models.
I don’t want your mental spam!!!!! No I don’t want to change my style because you recommended it and you are such a ‘fashionista‘. I don’t give a hoot about what Paris Hilton is currently wearing because she is a size -2 and no one but a piece of paper can fit in her clothing anyway and besides that I don’t need to know about current trend because in a second its going to change see look I am going to count… 1... Poca-dot is the new black…2...never mind its stripy neon green now…I don’t need this type of stress trying to remember your dang rules.

7) When people manipulate others
No one has any business trying to control others for their own idiotic ends one they are not your servants and two if you cant do it your own dang self then you are worthless, Yeah you have the ‘smarts to get other people to do what you want but what is the purpose of those smarts if you don’t use your own two hands to do something lazy bones.

8) When people over look others
You dare look over people because they are beyond your precious notice. Then we don’t need you anyway. What makes you so much better? Even if they did something wrong it doesn’t mean you have to ignore or look down on someone. If you can’t do anything nice in front of them then at least have the decency to wait till you get home?

9) Staring
I understand if you look at me for second because you are looking around but five minutes from now you are still staring at me then there is something wrong. What? Is my face that interesting? Nope I am just a normal person now look in another direction…PLEASE! See, I said PLEASE Dang it is very innerving.

10) Coughing in my face
Cover your mouth, I don’t need your nerves I don’t want your germs. It takes me over two weeks to get over colds, sooooooooooooo the lesson is cover your mouth. So I don’t get sick or I will take my snot and rub it in your face…yah take that you nasty varmints.

11) Bathing in perfume and/or cologne
Ok I don’t like perfume that much but I can stand it if you use it properly, But if you cover your whole body like its your dang bath water. Stop assaulting my senses your giving me a headache and make me nauseous.

12) People who don’t take showers
Take showers regularly I don’t need to smell you a mile away, If you bath like a normal person then you wouldn’t need to cover your self in perfume and or cologne and make me nauseous.

13) Not washing your hands
I am not sure about the guy’s bathroom but all the time I see women going to take a number 1 or 2 (or both) and they just come out and check their hear and or make up and walk out. Are you kidding me? You just Urinated and/or Defecated and you are touching your face do you know how much fecal matter would be on your hands and you are touching your face!!!! Let me say ewwwwww and I hope I don’t have to go near you or shake your hand *shutters*

14) Talking on their cell phone in the stall in a public bathroom
Here is another bathroom one why in the world would anyone talk on the phone while they are using the bathroom? Yeah I am aware you are capable of multitasking but I don’t need your disgusting type of fruit I am pretty sure who every you are talking to won’t mind if you hang up and talk to them later. It can’t be that important if you are talk to them in a public bathroom, WHERE EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU because of the echo.

15) Gossip
Why are you talking about other people? Come on didn’t your mama tell you if you don’t have anything to say then don’t say it at all. Bullies never really amount to anything unless they are very smart, rich, or have connects then they become CEOs or Gang leaders. I could say more but it will get very, very mean and right now I am trying to stay in my happy place.

16) Cashier rudeness
Yeah I know you don’t want to work here, neither would I. I know you would rather be some where else…yeah me too. I also now that your drowning attitude is part of your teen age-and/or-middle-aged-terrible-life-persona; but I am the customer I came here to but something therefore giving your company money and if you are mean to the customer the customer might just take their money else where or tell the manager of your terrible sales-manner (kind of like bedside manner for doctors) just because the customer want to buy something in peace with out the stank attitude.

17) Condescending
I hate it when people say mean things in a nice way, like they were talking to a five year old or an idiot. Yeah like saying some despicable in a nice happy voice will down play the effect of your words or convince me that you said something nice? Yeah right I am not naïve nor am I stupid go play your mind games some where else.

18) Talking to much
You can talk but don’t babble on for hours because my attention span is the size of a goldfish’s and I will zone out and my brain will go somewhere else. Don’t worry you won’t notice because I mastered the art of repeating everything you said with out actually mentally listening. Consider this a fair warning because It will be a very long one sided conversation. Like talking to a wall with a pulse. Matter of fact go talk to wall because at least with the wall you won’t her uh-huh, yeah I am listening, yep you said you would like to go to Maui. But you don’t really seem to mind because you are still talking to me.

19) Bragging
I don’t care you bought a new Mercedes, I don’t care you got a new pool, I don’t care how much money have, or how good your kids grades are, or how great your job is, or how beautiful your house is I don’t care. You can tell me once and I will be happy for you but tell me more than once then you need to find a clothes pin for your mouth.

20) Sales people who don’t seem to get the phrase “no I don’t need any help.” and when you do need them they are no where to be found.
Why is it that sales people follow you around every where when you are just looking you trying to sell you from the gum stuck under the table to the moon it self. But when you actually need something there all hiding or busy? Is it some kind of conspiracy? All I want is some help, maybe its all a matter of timing or something.

Okay I am done…for now…you all can come out of hiding. I am in my happy place (…for the time being.)
Auburn, NY
67 months ago: in number 14 it was suposed to be proof not fruit stupid spell check...
67 months ago: I learned late in life how to put nosy people in their place. I once answered a person's prying questions as follows. " I'm trying to see how many evasive answers I can give you before you figure out that I don't want to answer you."
Auburn, NY
67 months ago: Glitchy, you are a kindred soul. My list wouldn't fit on this page.

Maybe it's something in the Owasco Lake water!

We can see if my theory is true if Siempre Solo stops being so nice and accepting! He's drinking our water now!
Philadelphia, PA
67 months ago: Glitchy, i am definitely one of those Fashion critics and a bit condescending at times.

But other then that, great list. As for solicitors, try to sell them something, it's always a ton of fun. I usually try to sell them old magazines or used paper towels, and for some reason, they always leave!
67 months ago: For the phone donation solicitors (we are on the do not call list) I just interrupt them in the middle of they're shpeel (or whatever it is) and say "sorry I'm not interested right now" and just hang up. My wife thought this was a little rude until I told her it is just a waste of my time as well as they're time to let them continue the pitch when I know I'm not going to donate. So now she does the same and life is much easier.
Auburn, NY
67 months ago: Ah my people. As I said before this is only a 1/4th of the list there is alot more maybe I will do a part two. Maybe there is something in the lake water. I do the same things when people call my house for something other than a personal or buisness call. I say "I don't need it thank you" or " you called the wrong number" sometimes I just hang up on them...(rude I know but I just don't need their mental spam.) Ooooo maybe I should try legends idea and sell them something, like the lint in my pocket.

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